Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ever since I moved here 10 years ago, I have been terrified during high wind storms.  When branches break out of our fir trees, they are as big as an entire tree.  It takes me days after each storm to clean up the mess.
So I finally called in the tree service.  They started work late yesterday afternoon.
My neighbor and his Grandson got front row seats.

This chipper does short work of the branches.  They let me add all the prunings I have been doing this winter, too.  My yard will look better when they leave than when they arrived.

This antique, horse drawn tetter was under the trees, and the men respectfully moved it to safety before beginning work.  They appreciated the horsedrawn equipment that we found out in the blackberries.  I had it moved here for yard art.

Ken #2 gets ready to climb the dead tree that needs to be removed.

Daniel had to go get his little sister, Elle, to get in on the excitement. 
I gave them buckets and put them to work gathering horse chestnut seeds.

The equipment was left here over night, and the work began again promptly at 8a.m.
This is how the yard looks right now.  This is also how it often looks after a storm.

Here is Ken #1.  He is thinning the really big branches that are likely to break if we get a big snow or ice load.

I think this next picture puts perspective to how big these trees actually are.

That short one is the dead one that has been cut down.  If I had left it, it would have blown down onto my little garage.

I don't know this guys name, but once again, quite the perspective.

Ken up in the bucket pruning.

They aren't close to being done, so I have more pictures to take.  I'm sure they will be here the entire day.


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Wow - amazing to see how small they look up in the trees. Having seen the trees myself I know that are BIG - but that really gives a good perspective.

Barb said...

Now I would love a front row seat to that....looks like it would be interesting to watch.