Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea for Lavern & Shirley

Yesterday, I had a chance to catch up with my friend Nancy, who is Shirley to my LaVern.  Due to my tumultuous year, we haven't seen much of each other, or gone on any wild advendures together.
She had me over for tea, after I pawed through the remains of her weekend garage sale.  I came away with some very nice items, including a crock pot for the house.  I've ruined all of mine using them for dying fibers.

I'm not much of a tea drinker, preferring my Java in the morning, but we had some DElicious teas to drink.  The Goji tea was so fresh with honey in it.  Then we had Peaceful Feeling.  Oh!  How nice.  I brought some home with me, and plan to drink a cup before bed at night.  I do not sleep well, even with sleeping pills.  Maybe this will help.

There was a basket of breads, including toasted bagels, cinnamon bread, and Dave's Killer Bread.  We slathered the butter, raspberry jelly, salmon spread, and Chipotle cheese spread on the breads as we felt the urge.  It was all wonderful.

This is a little music box that plays Tea for Two.
Thank you Shirley, for a Peaceful, Delicious and  Delightful time.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Well, I have the bug.  I stopped in at my favorite LQS yesterday to look for fabric for the upcoming Little Monster.  The kids have chosen a monster motif for the baby.  There are no monster fabrics fout there, but I know they would like more subtle colors and patterns.  These fabrics are for Bloomers, aka diaper covers:

The batik on the right is just gorgeous, and is Cougar colors:  Crimson and grey, the colors of the Washington State Cougars.  My alma mater and the kids'.

Then, I stopped at my favorite Thrift Shop for the second time this week and found this:

Yes, the tag says .99 cents.  Wow.  Since my house is so small, I knew we would need something for the little one to nap in when he/she comes to visit Granny.    I will pad this and line it, and it will be better than a drawer or closet for nap time.

That's about all for today.  I have plans to make some green pepper jelly today, and to gather pears for drying.  The wind is blowing quite hard, and all of the ripe pears are falling to the ground.  I will have to gather them before they get too rotten.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help with this new Blogger


All of a sudden, we have this new control page for our blogs.  I can't figure out how to e-mail anyone!  It takes me to a network that requires a password, and none of mine work!  Is there a magic trick to using this new system?  I know you can all help this poor, cyber illiterate.  I want to respond to your comments.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I received this book from my Son and DIL last Thursday, along with a card that says:  "Hey Granny, you have alot of work to do."  I am so thrilled and delighted.  Hm. my last post said I didn't know what to do with all that stash of fabric.  Guess I know what to do with it now.
The baby is due in March.

This is a vase I picked up at a garage sale.  I love the "smarty-pants" attitude.  It's great for one big bloom.

It's that time of year again, and I have been canning.  This is the applesauce I have done, so far.  In this batch, I included those hot cinnamon candies, along with raisins.  It tastes devine!

And here are my tomatoes.  I am growing an assortment of red, yellow and chocolate tomatoes, so this has become a sort of "calico" mix, especially since I included a few green ones, too.

Terry, formerly known as "T", taught me how to make fruit cordials.  These two bottles are filled with Raspberry.  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.  And in front of them is a tray of little shot glasses I got at the thrift store.  Yes, they are asymetrical, you aren't seeing things.
And these are my Blackberry cordials.  Very good, but not rich like the Raspberry.

Pippi Longstockings is here to say goodbye.  The alpacas should be gone by the end of the week.  It is going to be so hard.  I start crying every time I talk about it.  I've survived some really big changes this year, and I know I will survive this.  I've made a good decision, and I can visit my little four legged friends any time I want.  It's just going to take some getting used to.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is in the Air

It looks as if the time for cut flowers in the house is drawing to a close.  We waited so long for summer to arrive, while the rest of the U.S. was suffering from extreme heat.  We had about 5 weeks of warm weather, and now you can feel the crispness of the air.  My apples are all dropping off the trees before they ripen, all shriveled and dry.  And, today it was a bit breezy and I noticed the leaves everywhere.  Trouble is, they aren't turning color, they are just drying up and falling.  Strange year it's been, that's for sure.

Here is my bouquet in the living room, and the first picture is the one in the bathroom.  Since my house is small, the corner of the tub has become my favorite place to have flowers.
Then, this last one is in the bedroom.

Now I am going to pick a WHOLE bunch of Sweet Peas to infuse the house with their lovely odor. We are about the only ones around who still have sweet peas in such profusion.  If you don't cut them, they go to seed.
I was just informed by the Market Site Manager that I will be outside tomorrow and need to bring my canopy.  Sales are better out there, but it's so much more work.  Good thing "T" will be here this weekend to lend me a hand.

You know, I have totally lost my desire to quilt.  I was going through one HUGE box I have full of fabrics, and wondering why I had them?  I guess it has alot to do with how much work I have to do around here now, just maintaining the place.  Maybe when winter arrives, my thoughts will change.  But, I just might be selling off my stash.  Stay tuned!!!.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Cria and Furniture

It's been over a year since I've been able to share one of these with you!  This is Phabian.  He was born last Friday while I was gone.  The new owners are ecstatic.  Even though I have sold all my alpacas, 16 of them are still here while the owners build fences and everything else involved in having livestock.  They come over every day and care for them, and I've acquired some wonderful new friends.  They are also the amazing MICE that have done such wondrous things for me.
This is my old living room, before new windows or paint.
Last week, I wandered into a furniture store to waste time while I was waiting for an appointment.  I found, much to my delight, the couch that goes with my crazy, asymetrical chair.  It was on sale for half price, so how could I refuse?
But wait!  There's more!  Act now and you can get two for the same great price!  Yes, it's a sectional.
Hard to get the entire room, but you get the idea.  Yesterday, when returning from being at the Market all day, I had totally forgotten about my new furniture.  When I opened the door and walked in, it was such a delight!!!  I feel like Cleopatra.
My friend C has been gardening in my field this summer, and this is what I get to look out on.  It's been a rough year, with flowers not coming on until mid to late July.  Now it is September and they are at their peak, yet starting to droop in the hot weather.

I need to get ready for church, and then this afternoon will have to unpack the car from the Market.  Guess what I forgot to take yesterday?  Fiber to spin!!  You always forget at least one thing, but that takes the cake for me.  So, I had to knit a hat.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Summer arrived in the Pacific Northwest in mid August, and it is still here, hot and heavy.  I'm a true Native of Washington, and dislike anything above 75 degrees, unless I'm in a dry climate or a Tropical one.  Fickle, I know.  But when it gets over 80 degrees here, I am miserable.  But hey, the flowers love it.  As usual, I am missing my battery charger for the camera, and cannot get updated pictures of the garden.  It is amazing.  Flowers love heat and humidity.

I have been busy and distracted by a number of things, and have not been posting.  I have resolved to get back on my blog and get this updated.  Here are a few of my distractions:

First of all, I was having some terrible headaches and other symptoms which led to a CT scan and an MRI.  Then you worry and wonder.  Fortunately, they found my brain and it is healthy.  My assessment of it all is withdrawal from some antidepressants I have taken for 20 years, and stress.  Duh.  I lost a dear friend the other day, and my body went into grief mode instantly, and I slept for about 48 hours.  I hope I can function today, since I have to get ready to return to the Market tomorrow.

Secondly, my brother, the dufus on the left, got married last weekend.  Fortunately, he changed clothes about 15 minutes before the ceremoney, which took place in his back yard.  I was in charge of the food for 22 people.  My new "gentleman friend" took on the assignment of cooking the steak and lobster, so my job got alot easier.  It was a lovely day, a beautiful ceremony, and a wonderful blending of families.

Thirdly, I have a major distraction in the form of a man.
There we are at a friend's house, after a delicious Vietnamese meal.
The circumstances leading up to my meeting T are too many and amazing, so I will just leave it at that.
My goal today is to find that darn battery charger, and to get prepared for Market.  I'm so happy to be returning.  I'll be there for the next two months.  However, since it is forcast to be 91 degrees on Saturday, I don't think I will make much money in sales.  I'll just be having a great time.