Monday, January 27, 2014

Missing You

I have been missing my blog and all of you.  So many of you are also on facebook, but it is so short.  I'm having to really discipline myself to do this again.  It's not as if I don't have time, since I'm retired now and do what I want.  As usual, I am always starting something.  Right now we are preparing the yard for the garden this summer and to move a pre built shed onto the property to be my studio.  I am so excited to finally have a place for me to create.  I'm still busy doing shows and markets, so the house is usually in a turmoil of yarn and fiber.  Just finding a place to put things away is more than I can face.
We've made several trips down to Brookings, Oregon the last several months.  Unfortunately, the last trip was to say goodbye to Terry's Mom.  We will continue to visit there, since Terry has more family in the area, and we just love it.
The last two trips, I have brought home several bags of these rocks.
We don't have these red and orange rocks in our area, and I am placing them in one of my gardens.  I think they look just beautiful, but it is going to take many more bags to complete the project.

While replenishing the bird feeders today, I decided to pick a bouquet of berries and stems for the house.  The rosemary smells so delicious.  I love the smell of rosemary and basil.

I've been decorating some Styrofoam head forms for display at shows.  I think this is working out okay.

Here's a picture from our green house.  This planter originally had a tender crop of spinach, and then all these flowers started coming up.  I've never started petunias from seed before, and here they are as a surprise.
Last week Terry and I went to the NW Sportsmen's Exhibition, and I had a blast.  I really wasn't prepared to have so much fun.  We've been looking at trailers and boats and campers.  I bought myself a new red rod and reel, and we signed up for a bottom fishing charter in June.  I'm becoming a fisherman!!!  I never dreamed this would happen.
Yes, I am still sewing and working on several projects right now, but I will tell you about them in a later post.