Sunday, February 13, 2011

Picnic Time

Yesterday my cousin and her husband came for a visit.  It was so sunny and beautiful, we decided to drive up the mountain and see what we could see.  I was suggesting places to stop for lunch when Carolyn says, "I have a picnic".  Well, of course she has a picnic.  She is never unprepared.
Silver Lake is a beautiful County Park, and we walked across the lake on the little foot bridges.  The surface of the lake was frozen, making for some very interesting textures.  The bald eagles we perched in the trees above.  We found a picnic table nestled in a warm, sunny spot, and enjoyed our lunch and the surroundings until the sun went behind a cloud.  Wow, this difference in two degrees.

This is the Amaryllis that my kids gave me for Christmas.  It has 8 blooms on it, and another stem starting to sprout.  I've never had one this nice.  It is on top of my refrigertor in the kitchen.

My friend and I were headed into a Chinese Restaurant for lunch the other day and these bad boys were in the back of a truck.  Aren't they sweet?  But if I got any closer, they started barking and protecting their truck.  The entire time we were in the restaurant, we tried to figure out who the owner was, but never did.
And here is my living room, ready for paint, showing the new 8 foot window that used to be about 2.5'.
And here is the finished product:

I am so happy with my new room.  My friend, Jody, helped me with the painting.  She came over Monday morning and we were done by Wednesday.
I started this post on Thursday, I think, so it's a bit out of whack, but the details are all there.
I'm now off to do some retail therapy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy of a Different Sort

As you can see, the new barn kitties are adjusting well to their new responsibilities.  HA.  Actually, they do spend most nights in the barn, nestled in their warm alpaca bed on the top shelf of my fiber storage racks.  They love it out there.  But, they also love me.  I like to let them in the house for a couple of hours each night for comic relief.  Leroy hates them, and Fred is either intriqued or frightened by them.  Bottom line is, shuffling four cats around is chaotic.

Much progress is being made here, with the sale of several more alpacas, and so many friends coming to help me.  Sunday a friend organized a work party, and we got the barn all cleaned out and organized for the memorial service.  Then on Wednesday, I went to Cash and Carry to buy all of the dishes, bowls, cups, soup spoon, napkins, etc. for the memorial service.  Yesterday a friend took me out to lunch and to my favorite thrift shop.  I'm sure you are getting the picture my days are not empty and lonely.

This has been my biggest headache.  When I discovered the black mold growing on my walls, I did not hesitate to have the 88 year old single pane windows replaced.  The house also has no overhangs on the roof, nor gutters, so the rain just runs down the sides of the house.  The siding is pretty much rotten and will have to all be replaced when I do my add-on, in addition to putting in some insulation.  For now, the windows are finished, with nice wide sills that I can put plants on and kitties can roost on to look out at the squirrels and birds.  Today my friend and I are going to try to pick out colors to paint the room.  She loves to paint.  I do not.

Above is the post card we sent out to friends, family, and associates for Alan's Memorial.  I have a committee of friends and family members who are planning this for me.  The love and caring brought to me by the community has been overwhelming, and I have no desire to live anywhere else.  I wish you could all join us in this celebration of his life.

To all of you who have sent cards and heartfelt wishes my way, I thank you.  This is going to be a long haul, and I treasure my friendships, both locally and in bloggerville.  I can feel your arms wrapped around me, and God answers prayers.  I know.