Sunday, February 2, 2014

GO HAWKS!!!!!!

OMG, I am so nervous.  This post will be short because THE GAME starts in 25 minutes.
Two big boxes arrived for me yesterday, and in them were 14 pounds of baby alpaca rovings.  I received four ribbon winning fleeces from friends in exchange for a fiber tumbler I gave them when I left the farm.  I guess I have lots of work dying this in my future.  It's best to do in the summer, and I prefer to do it outside.  I'm looking for a two burner propane stove for the job.

Here is the first skein using the un-dyed white.  I had to do this last night, just could not wait.

To keep myself in line, I have taken all my spinning supplies to storage.  Since I am doing some garden shows, I need to concentrate on sewing my garden aprons.
Golly, golly, Queen Latifah is singing the National Anthem.