Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Full Week

Things have not been dull around here, in fact, I've been so busy I had to take yesterday off for myself.  Sometimes I need to be alone and just veg.
First of all, I have to show you the glider chair I bought for myself right after Alan passed.
I have always wanted one like this, and I fall asleep in it just fine!!  The test of a comfortable chair.

This is a hall cabinet I got for half price at a furniture store that won't admit they are going out of business, but really. 
The flower arrangement was from the Friends of the Library and was just beautiful.

Yesterday I bought this accent chair for next to nothing.  This is all in anticipation of the remodel I will be doing in the spring.  When I had the windows replaced in the living room due to the black mold, we also discovered most of the siding is rotting.  My little addition is going to involve much more than I had anticipated.  DH's former employer, an Architect, is going to pick up his computer when he comes for the memorial service and work from the drawins DH had done to come up with my smaller plan.  I'm hoping to get started in April or May.

I found this guitar at my favorite thrift shop yesterday for .99 cents.  I know it's not a good guitar, but with some new strings, I just might get back to playing.  When I was in high school and college, I lead the singing at all the youth camps and campfires and sing alongs, where ever they might have been.  It's been awhile.

Last weekend was wonderful.  My older son Michael and his wife came on Saturday and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  My younger son and his friend and my two nieces arrived at about noon on Sunday, and I made lumpia for everyone.  That was my first attempt at preparing a meal since DH died, and they loved it.
The above picture just cracks me up.  On the right is my niece Rachael with her dog Quincey who thinks he is human.  He just sits there on the couch, leaning on a pillow, and watches us as we talk.  As you can see, my "barn kitties" were in the house and Quincey was afraid of them.
Those darn cats are being quite a challenge.  They love the barn, and I make a point of always feeding them out there, but they also love me.  They want to follow me everywhere.  Also, they are so entertaining, I let them in the house at night for laughs.  The older cats actually like them now, but fight with each other more.
Time to go out to the barn, and I'm sure George and Gracie will be on the porch waiting for me.  I just refuse to have 4 cats in the house.

Oh, and I have sold 12 alpacas!!  I've decided to keep 5 males with the best fiber, but sell the rest.  Things seem to be moving along well, so I hope to have homes for the rest soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What a mess

This is what happens when you discover mold in your house.  The two windows I'm having replaced are the original ones; 88 years old.  You might also notice two little imps on the not yet window sill.

Yesterday was a tough one for my contractor.  First, the chord on his sawsall fried and he had to go buy a new one.  Then, being that the house is not up to today's codes, he had to comply with those to make sure the house keeps standing.  So, only one window was installed.
This one will be done today.  He says this is the easier of the two.  He always does the hard ones first.  Hope he gets them done since all my kids are coming this weekend.

I found this pen and ink that my husband drew for me years ago.  It's been in storage with half of my life.  I always had this hanging in my office at work.  It's a house in La Conner, Wa.
Here are some of my purchases from Tuesday Morning and Ross yesterday.  I had to go in to Social Security and to pick up my new glasses, so I had a fun time shopping for things I don't need.  Well, I AM doing alot of dying, so those gloves will be used, and who doesn't want another felting book?

My darling little girl kitty wakes me up in the morning by plopping down on my face.  How does one ignore that?  I hate to break it to them, but it's warming up, and they will have to sleep in the barn tonight.  I had a hard time finding them yesterday, so I know they are enjoying it out there.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was cleaning out the milk house the other day, and found we had a colony of mice living in there.  Hmmmm.  Alan and I had discussed getting another barn cat after Phoebe died, but he didn't want another.  He'd been setting traps for rats all winter.  When I discovered the mice, I called:  MouseBusters!!!  A friend had been trying to give us two kittens for a couple of months, so I said, bring them on.  She arrived yesterday with a boy and a girl, both neutered.
This is Gracie

And this is George.  You can tell they will be good hunters because they have built in camoflauge uniforms.

I set the kids out in the barn with food and water, and they commenced to have a grand time.  They spent the night out there okay, but today they decided to wander.  They followed me everywhere.
I've been having alot of trouble sleeping and took two pills last night.  I slept 5 hours and work up feeling drunk and sleepy, and have felt that way all day.  I spent most of the day inside napping and knitting.  It's been quite cold, and the wind is strong from the north, so I got worried about George and Gracie.  I bundled up in my warm clothes and went looking for them.
Sure enough, they were hunkered down in the old shop and very scared.  So, I gave in and brought them in the house for the night.  I have forgotten what it is like to have kittens in the house.  They are like rolling thunder, flying around and getting into everything.  What a delight.  Fred and Leroy are not at all happy.  Guess they will spend the night pouting on the back porch.

I bought this braid of peppers at the Pike Place Market when we were there over the holidays.  I think it looks just grand hanging there in the window.

Here are some yarns I've finished in the past few weeks.  I finished this one today:
I miss my Mom terribly right now.  She lost my Dad when he was only 59.  I feel as if I am re-living her life.  I know I am doing many of the same things she did.  But it seems to be working.  I am blessed with loving and caring friends who check on me regularly, and I have learned to ask for help.
Ooops, I am hearing the strangest sounds.  I'd better go check on the two hellions.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So many days I have sat here at the computer, staring at the blankness of the screen, and trying to think of something to say.  I'm going to try today.
My holidays are a blur since I was still in shock and numbness.  I spent most of my time with my kids, and went to several parties with family, but found I would just doze off if I could.  Below is a light hearted picture of my son and his wife with the hats I made them in their school colors.  I still haven't finished Chad's hat.

Once I returned home, the casseroles started arriving.  I am unable to make a decision to eat anything, much less prepare it, so this is such a joy to receive.  My alpaca association had instigated a Casserole Brigade, and I will apparently receive two a week from different members.  I've had to buy freezer containers to divide it all up in and freeze.  Now it looks like I won't have to cook for at least two months.
The shock and numbness is gone, but now it hurts more.  Sometimes I am just plain scared.
Last Sunday I discovered black mold growing up my living room walls, so called in a contractor.  By next week I will have two new windows which will be a terrific addition.  I've also bought myself a few new peices of furniture.
Blessings come my way everyday.
I've sold 9 of my alpacas, and may have a buyer for the remaining.
I don't know what I will do about the market, since I have to commit by Jan. 30th.

I thank you all for your loving care and your big cyber hugs, and leave you with this verse:
I have this feeling
there's one more star
up in the sky tonight.
And even though it's far away,
its brightness and warmth still
reach us here to make the night
a little less dark.