Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Last Day and I am Pooped

Isn't the last day of vacation always bittersweet?  You want to go home, but you have had such a good time, you wish this could just carry on.  As I look at the bikes, I think of all the paths I did not ride this year.  But then, I'm so worn out from riding and swimming and laying around doing nothing, I can't summon up enough energy to hop on for one last ride.
Well, I have plenty of places to ride at home, so I need to stay in the mood and ride every day then weather permits.

Having this new mini spinner of mine allowed me to take my spinning with me on vacation.  I'm working on a custom order.  A woman wants 440 yards in blues, greens, and greys, since her daughter is studying Marine Biology, and these are the colors she wants:  Like the water.
Here are the five of us at the Owls Nest Bar for dessert and drinks one night.
Peggy Sue has a new accessory!  I follow bike path etiquette by announcing "on your left" when passing someone on the trail.  The bell is fun, but I only use it when there are kids who might get a kick out of it, or if I am being silly.
Michael obviously enjoying his breakfast at the Hot Lava Baking Company.

Chad woke up from a nap with his hair looking like this.  I offered to let him use my Got 2 be Glued to enhance the look, but he turned me down.  And I DID rotate this picture!!!

So, we survived another year at Sunriver.  We welcomed a new family member (Harry), and everyone got along splendidly.  Now I'm already looking forward to next year.