Monday, February 13, 2012

Granny B

I have a little story to share.
When I was 26, I was one of the "older" employees at my company, with alot of new college graduates coming in and learning the job.
One of them came to my department looking for some advice, and asked if one of us "older and wiser" ones could give him a hand.  My co-worker, who was older than me, said "Grandma Bylsma here can help you".  The young man smiled and said, Okay Granny B, what do I do. . . . . . ?
The name stuck.  It grew in significance because I was captain of our women's softball team.  I was a base hitter, but a slow runner.  The coaches had to be very careful who came up to bat after me so that they wouldn't pass me up in running the bases.  In other words, no home run hitters.
When I was running the bases, it was common to hear the fans shouting "Go Granny, Go."
So, you can understand that when I heard I was going to become a Grandmother, I claimed the moniker of Granny.

So yesterday was the baby shower for my DIL.  We had a wonderful time.

Here she is showing off the Baby Babushka quilt I made.

And here is the tag quilt I made.

Most humorous gift received.  I'll have to get a picture of my son wearing this.
So, the baby is not due until March 15, but last night I got a call from my son informing me they were at the hospital since the water had broken.  They will be monitored closely for 36-48 hours, hoping she will go into labor.  If not, they will induce.  The baby is doing fine and is past the 36 week stage.  I could receive a call at any minute.  My other son, who does not own a car, is trying to arrange a ride for the two of us to the hospital so we can be with them for the big event.
I actually dreamed at about 4 AM that my DIL called me to tell me it was a girl and they named her Olive.
It's actually a boy, and we have known for some time, and they have not disclosed the name.
Well, I'm anything but calm and collected today.


Pat said...

Can't wait to hear that there is a healthy, new little guy in your family!!!

Royce said...

Oh how exciting hope all goes well and your grandson is in your arms soon.

Marls said...

How exciting. I hope it all goes well.

Jean said...

Hey, coming over here at the recommendation of Pat. I'm a bloggy friend of hers. As a new grandma, I can't begin to tell you how much fun you'll have with your grandchild. it's a whole different kind of love.

Just moved to WA from TN (by way of a year in Ohio). Live in Bothell/Woodinville area. Remember that snowy day? Yep, that Saturday it started was the day they were unloading my furniture. Glad we got that once in a decade thing over with....LOL!

Hugs, grandma!