Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Busy Week

This has been such a busy week for me, I have alot to say to catch up.
It started with my trip to Mt. Vernon on Tuesday for my three week post op appointment on my eye.
I wasn't up to driving all that way yet, so I drove to my friends house.  It was snowing, but not bad.
I loved the effect the snow made on her patio.

My friend took over driving from her place, and we took the "back way" along HWY 9.  The snow got heavier, but still not a biggie.

The good news is that the surgery was a complete success, and my eyes are aligned for the first time in 35 years!!!  My brain, however, has had to compensate for so long, it is still confused.  Just like the rest of us.  It will be a few more weeks before everything is perfect, but it is so close, I am thrilled!!!

Thursday, the Lynden Craft and Antique show opened, and of course I was there bright and early.  This man is a Cancer survivor.  He hand turns these beautiful bowls out of wood and only asks for a $20 donation to the American Cancer Fund.  I was so impressed, I had to buy a bowl for each of the men in my life.

Friday brought a Fiber show in Abbottsford, Canada.  I went with a friend who has llamas for backpacking.  We were totally suited for going to this together, since we were both done in one hour.
Here are some of my purchases.

These fibers, and the ones below, will be gently spun into my alpaca fiber when I make yarn.  They are a variety of fibers, including bamboo and milk protein.  Pretty interesting and fun.

These curly locks will be used to embellish felted fabrics.

Then, today, back to the show with a friend.  Below is Debi Burton with her Antique booth "Ormolulu".  She does an incredible job.  I think this is the first year I did not buy from her!  Sorry Debi.

My friend and I ran into two more friends from the "hood", and after a bit of shopping, joined them in the dining area for lunch.  Just as we were gathering our stuff to leave, a woman at the next table says:
"Linda, do you know me?"  OMG, it was someone I had worked with over 15 years ago in Everett.  I recognized her voice first.  We sat and tried to catch up, but will try to do that another time.  It was soooooooooooo good to see her.  We used to just have a hoot at work and giggled like crazy when we were together.

So, then I came home and started moving furniture around.  I move a desk from the store into my office, and WOW.  It is so nice to have it here, with drawers and all.  Why did it take me so long to think of this?
Now, I am exhausted and think it is time for a bowl of the Taco Salad I made.