Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Memory Lane

Staying here at ny brother's house is like a trip down Memory Lane.  I don't think he has ever thrown anything away.  I find dumb little gifts I gave him years ago.  Wow.  Well above is my Dad's  teddy bear.  If you want vintage, here it is.  It is proudly displayed in his living room.

Here you can see the bear is stuffed with straw.

This coffee mug is one he had made for my Mom back in the 80's.  She and my Dad were avid beachcombers and agate hunters.  Their beagle, Herby, was always with them.

Here is the one made for my Dad.  They bring back such good memories.

Change of pace.  Here I have my "office" set up at the breakfast nook, where I am starting to do my taxes.  Ugh.

This is a gift my new SIL gave me yesterday.  My brother is on a business trip, so we celebrated Valentine's day together.  I cooked her dinner and we talked and talked and talked.  Female bonding at it's best.
Today we are going to see the baby!  Yippeeeeee


Gene Black said...

Memory Lane can be a nice place to visit.

Mom was looking for some papers and we took a side trip down memory lane. I saw some old school pictures that I am definitely NOT sharing.

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

How neat to have such wonderful memories. I have thought many times that I wished I had saved more - though I did save a lot.

Jean said...

LOL at Gene... I know what he means.

Enjoy the baby visit today... Get tons of grandma sugar from your sweet boy... You're going to adore being a grandma!