Monday, February 6, 2012


Longing for Spring.  I was at Costco the other day and picked up some flowers.  I added them to the sticks and twigs and greenery from my yard.  I'm making lists of what to plant this year. 
Fortunately, I saved alot of seeds from last year's crop, so will be ready when the ground warms up.

So, here is the clean up work from the tree work done at my place last week.  They were going to go dump this load of chips at the City Park.  I said "No Way!"  I can use those.  So, I have a huge pile to spread under the trees and enrich my soil.

The middle tree here was the dead one.  They gave me the choice of taking it all the way down, or leaving it as a wildlife tree.  I chose the wildlife tree.  As it rots, the bugs will come, and then the woodpeckers and flickers.  I like that.

This is all that was left behind, except for the wood chips.

The tetter is back in it's place.

Tools of the trade.

My place as viewed from down the street.  You can see that large stand of trees.  There are a total of 17.5 now.

Snow on Sumas Mountain that day.

It's been unusually warm and sunny in our area lately, with some days in the 60s.  Has me nervous.
I, however, am moving to my brother's in Seattle for about a month.  The baby shower for my grandson is next Sunday.  I will move into Bro's basement and stay there until sometime after my eye surgery.  I don't know what to expect as far as recovery, other than I will have double vision until my brain adjusts to the new position of my left eye.  My brother's new wife is an RN, so that is reassuring.  I also have friends coming to stay with me.  I take over the basement.  I have a HUGE master suite with an enormous King size be and my own bathroom.  I think those two rooms alone are the size of my entire house here!!

I have alot of packing to do, since I will need things to keep me occupied.  So, yarn for knitting, fiber for spinning, all of my records so I can work on Taxes and a budget for this year.  I won't be bored, that's for sure.


Pat said...

Good luck with the eye surgery. Will you have computer access at your brother's house to let us know how you are doing (and also to let us see photos of the baby shower)?

Anonymous said...

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