Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Maiden Voyage of the Minnow or Adventures on the High Seas

 Yesterday, we took our little boat out for the first time.  We bought it last year at a garage sale, but it's taken DH all this time to get the motor running, get a trailer, license it and put the tabs on.  You can see, it is only 9 feet long, so I started calling it the Minnow.
 We launched it by Boeing Field at the south end of Lake Washington.  With the motor running full out, we might go 8mph.  First we trolled for cutthroat.  I was enjoying myself so much.  It was a warm day, though a bit overcast.  The scenery was spectacular.
 The company was the best.
 When we got to our destination, we changed to fishing for perch.  Terry calls this my Barbie Doll rod.  I caught the first fish.
And the second. 
He caught one.
And I caught two more.
 This is the VMAC, or The Seahawks Training Facility.  We had heard this was a good spot for perch.
 My first catch.  All the fish were thrown back.  We didn't get any of size.  And, the wind kept blowing us off our hole.  We decided to head back and troll for cutthroat on the way.  Well, the lake had gotten quite choppy and we started taking on water.  I had to skooch back almost into Terry's lap to keep the water from coming over the bow.  Pretty soon, Terry informed me the water was up to his ankles.  I was too busy hanging on to notice.
 At this point, we ran out of gas.  Sigh.  Fortunately, Terry had brought along the electric trolling motor, which he hooked up.  We made it to the launch site going about 3mph.
I was soaked from head to feet.
It was a delightful day.  I had so much fun.  But, we had to face reality and admit that the Minnow is not enough boat for us.  We need something bigger.  (One with room for a porta potty would be good)
A bigger gas can would help, but there is not much room for one.
Oh, well.  At least now I know I love the adventure of fishing.  I don't care if I catch anything.  It was just too much fun.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finally, an Answer

Sorry, I've been gone again, sick again.  It culminated with another trip to the ER, which I am not going to tell you about.  However, this was the third in three years.  I think I have spent close to $45,000 out of pocket in these three years, trying to get an answer to what is wrong with me.  Glory Be, I got a great doc in the ER who said "I think this could be Thyroid related".  I've been taking a low dose of thyroid med for three years, but have never felt better for it.  So, this episode prompted my doctor to run a full panel of thyroid related tests, and sure enough, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  It's more than low thyroid.  My body has developed antibodies that are attacking the thyroid and killing it.  The thyroid is essential to all the body's systems, and I have been deteriorating for years.  I got so tired of the rolled eyes and the band aids.
So, I put a word out on Facebook asking for support, and a friend from Nooksack wrote and recommended a Naturalistic Doctor who specializes in thyroids.  Wow, I met with her for an entire hour!  I will start on Selenium and Iodine as soon as my supplements arrive in the mail.  I am being tested for food sensitivities, a test that is much more in depth than the testing the allergist did two years ago.  The doctor works like a detective and has requested all of my past blood tests and medication records.  Once she has all of that together, she will have a plan for me.  The best part of our conversation was when she said "You should not have to feel like this, Linda.  I will help you."
So now, my patience is wearing thin.  I want to be better NOW.  But, I have to wait for all of the tests to come in, and then the plan.  I'm pretty sure a Gluten Free diet will be part of it, so there's a new journey.
I just hope I have my plan before I leave for vacation the end of this month.  We will be spending a week at Pacific Shores on Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  So looking forward to it.  I
am hoping the Sellenium will help my energy levels.  The doctor said I will feel profoundly better after starting that.  I plan to do a lot of hiking.