Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Week Flies By

It was another successful, but tiring, day at the Market.  I am seriously considering not doing it anymore.  I will build a website and do selected shows.  The set up and tear down is an absolute killer, and I am ready to drop when I get home.  Then I have to unload everything and put it in my storage room.  I think I need to accept my age and limitations and quit torturing myself.

This was my booth.  I had it set up more neatly and attractively, but the Market Manager came by and said I should change it to get more people in to try on hats.  I've never had a problem with that, but I gave it a try.  I don't think it was as welcoming.

These were my neighbors on the right.  Organic produce and beautiful flowers.  Very nice people.

And on the left we have the Crepe man.  Oh, my, I had to smell that all day.  I finally broke down and had the Spinach and goat cheese crepe, and it was Deeeelicious.

Cadel came to see me with his Dad.  I gave him that hat.  He seemed to like it.  Soft alpaca.  Kids love it.

Now, back to the homefront, here is a pillow I have been working on for my brother's birthday.  My mother always told us this when we were complaining about having nothing to do.

Then, this morning, I found this picture of me and Mr. Goodbar.  It was taken a few years and pounds ago.  A good incentive.
Since I am "thinking" of not doing the Market for awhile, I am going to concentrate on sewing and exercise.  I have so many projects waiting attention, and so many walks to go on.  As soon as this sinus infection is gone.  I'm finally on antibiotics and should be feeling better soon.