Saturday, October 12, 2013

What great Marketing and decor

Every Tuesday, I have an appointment with a Vision Therapist in Downtown Seattle.  I take the bus in, since my driving is still not safe, and parking down there is out of site.  I always pass this store, which I am so intrigued with.  I finally went inside and asked it I could take pictures.
I guess I will never go in here to buy clothes, since they are very high end.  But, the d├ęcor is fantastic.
They have covered all of the windows with shelves and shelves of vintage sewing machines.  It was difficult to get a good picture of the windows.

They have used old equipment from spinning mills and garment factories as their display tables and racks.

I love all of these old bobbins.
Here is a small window that didn't cause too much reflection.
And, the walls.

My last attempt at getting a picture from outside.  Have you ever heard of a Jones sewing maching?  Most of these are Singers, but quite a few Jones'.
The interior looks like a factory, so the feeling is very industrial, combined with the high end clothing.  Very stylish.  Love it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

I guess it is Autumn

As I look out the window on this grey, rainy day, I have to accept that Fall has actually arrived.  It has been so mild so far, and so enjoyable.  I love Autumn for the colors and the cooler temperatures, harvests, and settling in for the winter.
Below is "Crunch", a yard character my kids gave me a few years ago.  He gets blown over in the wind, so Terry chained him to the post.  We were thinking a sign that says "This Home protected by Crunch Security" would be appropriate.
I bought a drop leaf table at a garage sale for $5, and we used it in the house until we were able to bring my dining room set over from storage.  I removed the table top and sealed the wood with a spray sealant, and it is now a trellis for my Passion Flower vine.  I love it.

You never know what I will think up next.  Alan used to say if you parked your car for too long at our place it would get planted.   Terry is now learning my penchants' for yard art.

I just barely had enough corn stalks to decorate the telephone pole out by the mail boxes.  The neighbors love it.
And, I'm turning most of my big planters in to All Season plantings.

Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a fellow blogger for Coffee.  Jean of
moved to this area from Tennessee a couple of years ago, and this is the second time we have met.  Thank you Pat  for hooking us up.
Thursdays have become the best day of the week for us in my new life.  We have a friend who is a personal chef that comes over for dinner every Thursday evening.  During the summer, these dinners took place under the Gazebo and consisted of barbecue and sometimes a fire in the pit.  Now they have moved inside.  April has tenants who have joined us for these dinners, and they are a couple in their 20's.  April is 40 something, and Terry and I are the oldsters.  So, we have three generations represented here, and we have a blast.  Chase is a world class white water kayaker and keeps us entertained with his antics.  He says Terry is his hero, he wants to grow up to be just like him.  I feel quite honored to have these wonderful friends gathered here each week.  They have so enriched my life.
Oh, and before I forget, I have re-opened my Etsy store.  I have yarns and hats listed at this time, but I'm doing it slowly.  And the name?  Fiberfabrications, of course.