Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Visit the Alpacas

Yesterday was my Birthday, and I decided a trip to visit my former alpacas was in order.

This is Poppy, a four month old Jersey heifer.  She thinks she is an alpaca, and fits in just fine with the rest of the girls.

Terry found just the right spot to scratch, which she thought was mighty fine.  As she gets older, she is going to be a bit to deal with, as friendly as she is.  But she knows her place and minds when you use the right commands.

Here I get a reluctant hug from my Chico.  He is the one I bottle fed from the age of 5 weeks when his mom died.  We've always had a bond, but he doesn't like to appear to be a Mama's boy when the other boys are around.

Here are a few of the new girls that were just purchased on Saturday.  They will make a very nice addition to the breeding program.

And here is Phabian, the only baby born at my place this year.  He is shaping up nicely and should be a herdsire.
I did really well with my visit, and came away feeling very good, with no remorse.  Oh, you are going to love this.  A friend is going to give me a nice white male with excellent fiber so I will continue to have a fiber source.  Melissa and gang have agreed to take care of him for me.

Now, a total change of subject:  I had to show you these two gallon jars of peppers.  Terry has been soaking them in vinegar for three years, and they are now ready to be used in the hot sauce he makes.

And, off to another topic, here is my Christmas tree for this year.  I decided since I would be traveling back and forth between here and Seattle, I needed an artificial tree.  I'm very happy with this little thing.  You need small ornaments for small trees.


Barb said...

I enjoyed seein your Alpacas again. Three years....wow.

Love the tree!

Marls said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday. What a lovely way to spend your day and glad you came away from those darlings feeling good.

Pat said...

I'm glad you got to see some of your "babies" and also posted some photos for us to see them, too. How great that you will have an alpaca for fiber and that you have someone to take care of him for you. Your tree looks very pretty, Linda!