Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Week at Lost River

It's a very cold morning and I'm having some real difficulty in getting my booty in gear.  I should take a walk, but a hot shower calls to me.  The walk can come later.

Last Saturday I participated in the Holiday Bazaar at the Senior Center.  Above is one of my loyal customers, displaying the BIG skein (208 yards) that she purchased from me.

I'm feeling spunky and festive.  The problem with these little shows is that you end up spending all the money you make, or you do trades.  I found those valuable reindeer antlers, some Christmas earrings, and all sorts of odds and ends.  What fun.

The next day  my son, his wife, and half baked baby boy Bylsma came to celebrate my birthday and to pick up some baby treasures that were my sons when he was born.  One of them is a handmade rocking horse.  They brought me these lovely roses!!

I also received this awsome tote bag and this book for knitting little monsters.  Funny thing, I know the author!!  I was part of a craft coop that Rebecca ran a few years ago, and she was just then creating her little monster friends and writing the patterns.  She has since moved to Birch Bay where I often run into her at the Local Yarn Shop.
So, I'm taking the hint.  Monsters, it is.

Tomorrow I see an eye surgeon,  and hopefully will find an answer to what ails me.  It's been a rough 5 months, and besides feeling awful, my independence is limited, since I can't drive much.  I sure hope this is the last and final stop.  Surgery or not, there should be an answer by tomorrow afternoon.
My condition is called 4th nerve palsey, so if anyone out there suffers from that, I'd love your input.


Pat said...

Love the Little Monsters pattern! And you look very cute in the antlers!!! Good luck with the eye doctor appt tomorrow.

Gene Black said...

The roses are gorgeous. I hope they smelled as good as they look.

Best wishes on your eye appointment. I will be praying that they find a solution that makes you very happy and energetic.