Friday, December 16, 2011

My New Fiber Source

Meet Yoshi!
I know, you all knew I couldn't bear being without an alpaca.  Well, he will reside with the rest of my herd.  The owners have agreed to care for him for me.  I just knew if I wanted to continue spinning and selling my yarns, I needed a good source of fiber.

Isn't he handsome?  He will provide about 8 pounds of super fine fiber a year so I continue making yarn like this:

I just finished these last night.  With my eyes under such strain, I can almost spin blindfolded, and it is also very meditative.
So I saw the surgeon yesterday, and I will be having surgery in January.  I am so relieved!  Someone who listened to me and knew what was wrong!

THIS MESS is my office.  Sometime today I need to clean it up because my son will be visiting for a couple of days, and needs to sleep in that bed!  Hey, Santa's workshop has never been tidy.
I'm also going to make Buckeyes today.
Saturday is the last day of the Bellingham Farmer's Market.  Since I've been feeling so poorly, a friend has been running my booth for me.  This week, though, I will be going and celebrating the end of the season.  I need to wear an eye patch when I'm not driving, so I'm thinking of decorating it for the event.  I hope I have a good, money making day!!!


Barb said...

Your yarn is so fabulous, I just love the colors. Glad you have a yarn source now.

Pie Lady Pat said...

Yoshi is a cutie! Happy Solstice!