Friday, December 30, 2011

My Life as a Pirate

Did you know that the eye patches you buy at the drugstore are pointed,  and won't fit under your glasses?  Or, I could wear a stick on one.  But while I'm here at Terry's, I wear his patch.
Until I can have my surgery, I am able to rest my strained brain by covering one of my eyes.  They work so hard, trying to create one image for me, that I get to feeling physically sick and unbalanced.
I have not been very good about wearing my patch this week, and yesterday I started to pay the price.  So, it's time to rest my eyes more fully, with a nap!!  Gotta rest up for the show we are going to tonight.


Tangos Treasures said...

Arrrgggggggg ahoy mate!! LOL I have a lazy eye & had to wear a patch as a kid. The only time now you can tell is when I'm tired. Hope you get feeling better soon!

Pat said...

I was wondering about that photo when you posted it. I hope your eye is rested enough not to bother you at the show tonight.

Gene Black said...

Linda, you are too pretty to be a pirate. I hope you remember to take care of yourself better. Keep your eyes rested. This is your "bossy little momma boy" speaking!