Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve, a great day for a bike ride.

I hope you all had wonderful times with family and friends the last few days.  I have been so busy celebrating, I haven't had time to post.
Christmas Eve was such a lovely day, sunny and unusually warm.  We decided to take a bike ride.
BTW, I am staying in Seattle with Terry for the holidays.  He lives just a few blocks from the Green River Trail.

The trail is for walkers and cyclists, and runs for miles along the Green River.  I was so surprised to see these apples, still on the tree.

Here's a view of the river, with the apples in the foreground.

The scenery along the trail is so beautiful.  On Christmas Eve, we only encountered one other cyclist, and no walkers.  On a regular business day, you will see many, many employees from Boeing and other businesses in the area, taking walks during their coffee and lunch breaks.

This little green bridge leads to Terry's neighborhood.  I have gotten so lost, on so many occasions here, that the site of this bridge is such a relief and welcome.
I was shopping at the mall the other day and got lost three times:
1st:  The stores are so big, I had to ask directions to get back out to the mall.
2nd:  I lost my car in the parking lot and walked around for 20 minutes before finding it.
3rd:  I was lost for about 45 minutes in the area, looking for my main drag.  Like I said, this bridge is such a welcoming site.
Talk about your Country Mouse in the Big City.  I am hopeless, and I grew up here!!! 
I had a compass in my old pick up truck and could always find my way using that.  I know, GPS??
No, don't got it.
And also, at home I have Sumas Mountain for my point of reference.
I resolve to take Terry's compass with me next time, along with a map of the area.

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ooglebloops said...

I was at the shopping area today (very dumb, the day after Xmas, but unavoidable!) I couldn't find my car - forgot what it looked like (it's new) compared to all the others!!LOL Good thing Larry was with me!!!