Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's Baby Bunny time out in the barn.  Three of the rabbits have had their babies.  This picture shows a litter of 11.  They are just three days old.  The other two litters haven't been uncovered yet.  They need to stay buried in the loose rabbit fur their Moms provided for them to nest in for a few days.

This is John Deere, the lucky Buck.  Look at those huge feet!

Outside we have the young laying hens in their chicken tractors.  They get moved to fresh pasture every day.  There will be 6 of these, each housing 75 chickens.
These are the Freedom Rangers.  They will be moved to a tractor in a couple of weeks.  They gain weight so fast, they are ready to be butchered in 8-10 weeks.
Here is Little Bit, missing her friend Mama Nanny.  Mama was in poor health when she was rescued, and quite old.  She died on Monday.  Anyone have a free goat?  Little Bit needs companionship.

As I left the barn, I was startled to see this pheasant!  I have NEVER seen a pheasant on this land, so this was a real thrill.

And, to switch topics, I am making a quilt for my niece who is getting married in Hawaii the end of May.  I will be "obligated" to attend the wedding, hahahaha.  Below are the flannels I am going to use to make their wedding gift.  No, it will not be done by the wedding date.


HammersArk said...

Hey Linda,
We don't have any goats we're giving away, but if she needs a companion until another goat is found, we have a wether and 3 younger does that are just hanging out. We'll also be looking to re-home our baby bucklings in a few months, so if they're interested in a Nubian buck/wether from really great milking lines, we'll be selling them for a very reasonable price that will basically just be covering the stud fee to have them made, shots, deworming, and disbudding. I have some pictures of them on my blog if your renters wanted to take a look at them, let me know! :)

Pat said...

I really want to make a comment on various aspects of this post, but I can't see through the tears I am crying about you being forced to go to Hawaii to attend a wedding. What a sacrifice, but I guess someone had to do it!!! LOL

Gene Black said...

on no! Hawaii? How terrible. I am so sorry you will have to endure such torture. (eat some fresh pineapple for me..okay?)

Jean said...

Hawaii? The horrors!

Love seeing all those farm babies.

Pie Lady Pat said...

The babies are darling! And the buck so handsome. My son found a mouse nest in the toe of his waders on the opening day of trout fishing season, but no babies yet...
The quilt will be gorgeous!