Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Walking Adventure

My son and his family live in an eclectic neighborhood they call Ballmont.  That is because it is equal distance from the communities of Ballard and Freemont, located in Seattle.  It is a beautiful day today, so I decided to take my camera and some money and head out for a walk.
Above is in the garden, next to the sidewalk, just down the street from the kids.  I did NOT open the Treasure Chest.

Nearby is this substation.  I know, what an odd picture to take, but the use of pastels really appeals to my artistic sense.

As I neared the Burke Gilman Trail, I spotted this mural on the side of a building.

I think this picture is self explanatory.
I stopped in a grocery store and purchased a small salad for my picnic lunch, and then continued on until I found this perfect ledge by the ship canal.

It made a nice seat for me to rest on and eat my lunch.

These Mallards were hopeful that I might have some treats for them, but not this time.

This was my view.  If you look really hard, you can see the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

On my way back, I spotted this mural by the same artist as the first one.  And then I saw what the business was:  Emerald City Gardens!!!  Oh,My.  I had to check this out!!

OMG!  I had to find out what this was, and went inside.  That was it, I was totally taken with the beauty and uniqueness of this nursery.  The above plant is a South African Honey Bush, and they have put me on their Wish List for next time they come in.
I was walking, and couldn't buy all the plants I wanted, but I did buy these potato starts:
These are Ozettes.  They were brought from Peru by the Spaniards and left in the Neah Bay area, home of the Makah Indians.  They have grown there for years, and were just recently discovered and recognized as a delicious fingerling potato.  These will be added to my garden with the German Butterballs and Yukon Golds.

Tomorrow, I think I will have to follow the trail in to Ballard.


Gene Black said...

Great walk! So is that honey bush the one that "honey bush tea" is made from? If so it will serve double duty as a pretty bush AND as a nice herbal tea.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Lovely walk, the murals, the plants, the ducks, the mountains - just lovely.

Barb said...

What wonderful pictures, thanks for taking me on a walk with you.

Lindabee said...

Your photos made me feel cheery on a gloomy day. Thanks for sharing.

MissMary said...

A random-ish comment, and not sure if you engage in this sort of behavior, but hooray! I picked you! http://lilliansstitches.blogspot.com/2012/04/liebster-blog-award.html