Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I've really done it this time.  In my constant attempts at defying growing older, I spent a couple of weeks working my booty off in the yard.  Sigh.  This has resulted in strained ribs.  Very painful.  Now I'm on pain pills and quite loopy, but it is keeping me quiet and resting.  This could be a long process to heal from.

 Speaking of healing, my brain is still in adjustment mode, and I'm still not able to read your blogs.  I'm so sorry, I miss you all.  The surgeon says I'm very close.  I'm getting very impatient.  Ha, what an understatement.

So here is a little bite of what I have been up to.  I harvested some nettles the other day.  I read that they are best when they are small and tender.  I had the great idea of dehydrating them, but then read that you have to blanche them to destroy the stingers.  So here they are in the ice bath.

I drove my Ladybug lawnmower out past the sloughs with a load of yardwaste for the burn pile, pulling my JennyMac 2000 wagon.  What a gorgeous day it was!  After dumping my load and turning around, I discovered one of the wheels had come off the wagon!  Had to go back to the shop to find a cotter pin to repair it.
The farmers who rent my land were busy planting onions and carrots. 

This fell out of one of the big Douglas Firs the other day.  I don't know if this is a birds nest or a squirrel's, but isn't it beautiful?  I'm so glad they appreciate all of the colorful bits of fiber that get loose when I'm dying.

Well, so far I have planted 4 kinds of potatoes, Jeruselem Artichokes, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, romaine, lettuce, and pac choi.  Nothing has germinated yet, but we are going to have five days of warmth coming up, so I am hopeful.


Gene Black said...

I think the birds or squirrels are using your fibers to camouflage their nests.

Tangos Treasures said...

Hope u get to feeling better!! Love the nest!!! I'm going to google nettles??

Pat said...

I'm glad your vision is coming along but sorry to hear about the ribs. Having had cracked ribs twice, I know a rib injury is extremely painful....hard to sleep even. Take care and get well soon. LOVE the little bits of your fiber in that nest! (Robins are building a nest that we can see from our living room window but nothing colorful in it. DARN!)

Jean said...

Five days of warmth coming? When? When?. Haha. Sorry to hear about the ribs. We were up your way last weekend. Hubby needed something at kesselrings.

I love the fact that the birds artfully picked your fiber for their nest. I used to leave yarn cuttings on our balcony when I lived in Nashville. It just got wet.

Hope your ribs feel better soon. Gentle hugs.

Cheryl said...

Love the bird/squirrel nest. Hope your ribs are healing quickly!