Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A bit here, and a little bit there.

I know, it's been so long since I have posted.  I've been busy, but had a setback with my eyes, and I'm a bit discouraged.  I will be seeing the surgeon on the 12th, so I will just take one day at a time until then.  He's the best in the State, so worth waiting for.

I just returned from a visit with high school friends at Hood Canal in Allyn, Washington.  Oh, it is so beautiful there.

This is the view from the deck.  They are rebuilding the bridge over to Treasure Island.  The weather was so completely nasty, we didn't get any time on the beach this trip.  But, the girls will be back in June, and watch out world.  They will be spending some time here at the farm with me, too.

One of our favorite hangout's there is Myra's Fancy Image Yarns in Shelton.  She hand dyes all of these yarns, and makes kits and patterns, and we have a wonderful time there.  The store was closed the two days we were there, but she let us come, and we took lunch in to share with her.

Here is Myra winding some yarn I bought to make a sweater for my Grandson, Cadel.

Here are Kris and Lynne preparing a very healthy dinner for us.

I had taken a short nap to get over the whirlies caused by my eyes.  When I got up, I went to pour myself a glass of wine and this is what I found:

A corkscrew was not to be found, so they used a potatoe peeler.  Very resourceful, I think.

After Lynne and Chris headed home to Laramie and Denver, I spent the night at my friend Kris' house in Olympia.  Kris lived 4 houses from me growing up on Mercer Island, and we also shared an apartment in college.  She is a great friend and so much fun to be with.
From her place I took the train to Seattle, where Terry picked me up.  Then he drove me home.  I'm so lucky to have so many friends who help me out during these times when I can't drive.

Now that I am home, I am enjoying having the organic farmers here.  I spend a couple of hours a day talking and sharing with them.  Hopefully, I provide them with a good deal of animal husbandry experience, which they are just learning.  They do a lot of research, but nothing beats hands on.
One Sunday they brought over two nanny goats they had rescued, and I taught them how to milk.  Poor little girls had not been milked in days and were in pretty bad shape.  They are enjoying life now, getting milked daily and having nice green fields to eat and play in.


A friend of one of the farmers had been looking for a plot to lease to raise his heritage vegetables.  He found out I needed someone to prune my ancient, huge apple and pear trees, and offered to do the job in exchange for some land.  I honestly cannot afford to pay someone to do this work, and he grew up working in orchards, so this is a great arrangement.  Plus, he is giving me vegetable starts for my own garden.

Now, I don't want to sound old, because you know I am not, but God has really blessed me by bringing these young people to me.  I enjoy having them here so much, and we are all benefiting from the relationship.

I've been busy spinning, so stay tuned.  I will have my new creations on my next blog.

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Jean said...

Your new helpers are a godsend! How wonderful. Just goes to show that bartering works.


Sorry to hear about the eyes getting wonky. I hope this is something they can fix. hugs.

Settling in really well here. This week i'm joining a local guild that finally has a slot open for me (yay) and I'm seeing subtle signs of spring.

Debating on whether to hit the tulip festival this weekend.