Monday, July 18, 2011

Walk with Me

Bear with me, this is going to be a long post, since I have so much to share with you.  This first picture is the lane into my farm.  I bought these two standards/plant hangers at an estate sale and I think they add a nice welcoming look, don't you?

You all know I have an addiction to flowers, so I'm showing you just a few.  Actually, the rain has been so heavy, I'm surprised they haven't all drowned.  We expect some sunshine this afternoon, so I will probably see everything blooming before my very eyes.

Good use of an old drawer.

Does anyone want some Hollyhocks?  Come on by and get some, they are everywhere!  Jo, I have a pack ready for you.

This is where I grow my tomatoes.  In the Pacific Northwest we have a terrible time with blight, which is caused by the moisture and rain.  This shelter seems to work really well.  I have alot of salsa to make this year.

Here are the wonderful folks who have purchased my alpacas.  They do so much for me, and I love them like family.  This is Jacob, Melissa, and Jean.  They have been cleaning all the wood out of the barn to burn, and we will be moving the 1940 Pontiac in here so I can do other things with the little old garage up front,.

Isn't this awesome?

Now, thanks to my friend Candace, I am going to paint a quilt square on this.  It is the door to the hayloft.  If anyone can suggest a square with three or four colors, geometric, no curves, and the colors to use, I'd love to hear your opinion.

Looks like I have raspberries to pick today.  And blueberries.  I am planning to make raspberry cordial this year. 

Zinnias and corn,

Now we are inside.  I used to play the guitar as a teen, leading the singing at all the youth gatherings and around the campfire.  I can't read a note of music, nor can I sing worth beans, but I can play chords and know when to change them.  I just need to re-train myself.  For some reason, taking this up again seemed the right thing at the time.

And this is my re-decorated boudoir.  Everything was obtained from thrift stores, except for the lamp.  I'm going to hang one of my alpaca quilts above the bed.

So the lawnmower man is here today and is doing a fantastic job.  Now I can get my house cleaned and tidied for a change.

More tomorrow.


Pie Lady Pat said...

Your place looks lovely... in spite of the rain, you get tomatoes by growing them under cover? That's amazing. Thanks for the "walk."

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Your flowers are beautiful, and your new bedroom is beyond fabulous. Ohio Star or Mariner's Compass are great patterns for painted quilt blocks - you can look them up online.

Gene Black said...

I never would have imagined growing tomatoes under a shed.
I am guessing that you sing a lot better than you admit.

ooglebloops said...

Thanks for the tour - I love the flowers in a drawer idea!!! I may have to buy some hops flowers from you when they are ready - my hops from Gurney's did not come up this year....sigh!