Sunday, May 15, 2011

Linda's New Hat

Some of you have seen my new hat on Facebook.
I spent a week in LA with my wild and crazy friend, Jenny, who talked me into this hat.

It's very versatile, and can be worn many ways.

I'm too sexy for my hat, to sexy for my hat, toooooooo sexxxxxxxxxxxy.

Oh, oh.

I feel like the kitchen maid in a medieval play in this do.

This is my Mata Hari Look.

It has a wire in the brim, so you can even make it look like a nice sunhat, if you want.  I really like this look.
I wore the hat all over LA, especially since I forgot to take hair product, and Jenny put little pigtails in my hair.  NOT attractive.
Jenny was the healing power that brought me back to life.  She has inspired me to decorate my house, to paint, to plant.  She is a former (sometimes even still) actress and an incredible artist.
Jenny, I miss you!
Please come for a visit.


Piecefulafternoon said...

How wonderful - and I love love love all the styles of that hat. Can we see the pigtails?

Fabiola´s said...

I just had so much fun imaging on the poses and the hat!... you can add flowers and stuff :)... :) love ya

Pat said...

What a riot! You are too much...and thank heavens for Jenny in your life!

Gene Black said...

Everyone needs a friend who is a little crazy and inspires others to be crazy too. That really is a true healing power.
I think Jenny brought out the child in you - you look youthful in these photos.

Tonya said...

that is the hat

Tangos Treasures said...

Tee hee your too funny!!

ooglebloops said...

Loving that hat!!! BTW, I have been wearing your apron-the khaki denim with the frog and garden theme. I will have to post a pic again of it soon - I love it!!!!

andsewon said...

Lov'n that hat LindaB gal! You are rockin it too!!

Yes I too am very grateful for dear pals that are helping get me through our grandson's cancer illness.
Sometimes they are better then your own kinfolk!;-)