Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Organizers

Yesterday, I had the Penny Pinchers over to help me get my place cleaned up and organized.  They specialize in garage and estate sales.  They buy storage units and clean them out.  They have a store in Bellingham where they sell everything.  The greatest thing is that when they help you sort through your things, they are cleaning and organizing.
This first picture is of my studio.  Doesn't it look ready for a knitting group or spinning lessons?  It used to be my store, but I won't be running that anymore.  I will just be selling at the Bellingham Farmer's Market.

Here is a shot from the other side of the studio.  I wish I had before pictures, because this room had become horrendous.

Here is my storage area.  We converted a two car garage when we built the store/studio, and this is the other half.  You could barely walk in here, there was so much junk.  What a change, and my dear little bike will have a nice dry home when I'm not riding her.

Meanwhile, I'm having so much fun with my electric Hansen Mini Spinner.  Below are two skeins of boucle I have made.  I'm pretty excited with them.

I didn't think this skein would be very nice since I was practising on the mini, using all colors, but it came out rather nice.

I wish I could say these are my yarns.  They are dyed by Fancy Image Yarns in Shelton, Wa.  Myra is very creative with her colors and with her kits.  There will be much more to come, since I bought enough from her to become part owner, hahahah.

Here are a couple of hats I finished while I was "at retreat" with the girls.

Today I am going to rest up.  I am literally exhausted.  But first, a visit from the vet.  Josie has not been feeling well.  In vet terms its called ADR.  (ain't doing right).
I have buyers for all of my alpacas, and they will all be gone by May.  I've been very weepy the last couple of days because it finally set in.  I've been so businesslike and practical about it all, and reality has hit me like a sledgehammer.
The alpaca business is something Alan and I built together, and is a symbol of what a wonderful parnership we had.  I guess this is a huge part of saying goodbye, not only to the pacas, but to him.


Pat said...

Your newly-organized areas are really looking super!!! (MY problem when I organize something is that I can't seem to keep it that way for long...hopefully, you are a lot better than I am about that!!!) Sorry for the "blue" feelings about the 'pacas, but I can certainly understand it. I'm glad, though, that you will still be doing some alpaca work (midwife stuff) to help other owners and I'm sure you will be able to see some of your gals/guys that way, too. Love those yarns you have shown...wish I could knit as I would do socks for myself....love the few hand-knit pairs I have. Maybe someday.......HA!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - what a difference. I'm so glad for you that there was that resource to help you with this. Sometimes things just get so overwhelming that outside help is so welcome. I love how the studio came together.

Your yarns, as always - splendid.

How sad that the alpacas will soon all be gone - bu this is a new phase in your life. Often change is painful, and my thoughts are with you through these changing times.

Shall we do lunch again in a couple weeks? I have Ben all next week - he's on spring break - but after that I'm free.

Ormolulu said...

Wow, Linda--you are amazing. Look at how much you have done . . . you deserve a rest!

The difficult moments will come and go, but you are strong and have many friends. Put out that pink lamp to cheer you up!

xo Debi

Gene Black said...

I am amazed at how wonderful your newly organized studio looks. It looks like a great space to sit and work. I have been doing some round loom knitting (since I don't know how to knit with needles.) I find it relaxing.

Tangos Treasures said...

Your room looks great!
Sending hugs cause I'm right there with ya on being weepy!

Barbara said...

Finding your new way must be challenging, but it appears you have good support giving you a hand. Looking forward what's next for you!