Friday, April 1, 2011


I have re-branded.  I know, you all know me as FiberFabrications, but I have always done business as Lost River Alpacas.  Now, with the sale of the alpacas, I had to change my status at the Market from Farmer to Crafter.  This is my new logo and business card.  The Market opens tomorrow, and I am psyched.  The car is packed and ready, now I just need to decide what to wear.  In this crazy Pacific Northwest, you never know if it will rain, sleet, blow, shine, or heat up.  Sooooo, boots?  Okay, I got it.  Layers for sure.  Gotta be able to strip when it gets warm.

So the other day, Josie and I took a ride to the vet's in a VeeDub.  She was not impressed.  I've never held one this size in a car before.  We had alot of laughs.  Poor baby has ricketts, the first ever for one of my alpacas.  She will be getting Vitamin D injections and should recover well.
Here she is getting her hocks x-rayed.  Deb, our vet tech, is getting a kick out of this.  Look at Josie's face.
At this point Josie says "Okay, I'm done now."

Jumping back to Monday, this is the dumpster that we almost filled with miscellaneous metal stuff.  It should bring some decent money.

Looks like it has stopped raining.  Think I will go outside and plant.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - that's one big dumpster. So happy for you to get all this taken care of, it sure will make life easier for you.

I'm impressed that you could get an alpaca in the VW - fun photos - glad she will be getting better.

Good luck at the market - to they toss the cabbage for someone to catch, or just toss it around? We won't be able to make it to the market tomorrow - big deck planning day!!!

Pat said...

I love the photos of Josie's big excursion but I'm sorry it was because she has rickets. :( Hopefully, she'll be better soon. Have a good weekend at the Market. I wish I lived close enough to see you in action there!!!

Gene Black said...

Glad to hear that the injections will make Ms. Josie all better.

Wishing you a great day at market!

Kaye said...

Have a great week end and I hope you do well at market. Just keep that b ig smile and they will love you Would love to be there but its a tad too far!

Tangos Treasures said...

Good luck at the market!!
Hope Josie is feeling better!

Julie Fukuda said...

I visited after seeing your comments about the tree signs as they sounded like something was thinking too. You seem to be enjoying a creative life. I envy you the space to follow all your passions.