Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrift Store Fun

Well, I'm finally over that nasty cold I had.  Staying in my jammies all day Sunday and sleeping most of the time worked wonders.  As many of you know, due to the Deep Freeze Western Washington endured last week, I was not able to have the surgery on my eye.  Lots of people did not get to have their surgeries last week!!!  I was housebound for 6 days and ready to lose my mind  I have rescheduled the surgery, but cannot have it until February 21.  That has me very disappointed, but I will survive.
Yesterday, a friend took me into Bellingham, the big City, and we did our grocery shopping together, stocking up for the next storm front expected later this week.

Today, I was able to make it to Lynden to my favorite Thrift Store.
This immediately caught my eye:
A 100% queen sized alpaca blanket for $40.  Even in Peru, this would have cost 2-3 hundred dollars!!!
Ever since I visited Peru, I have longed for an alpaca blanket for my bed.  I don't think I have ever slept as well as I did there.  We shall see if it works it's wonders for me here.
Then I found this: 
I love hats, and if this isn't something Queen Elizabeth wouldn't wear.  I have already dyed the tips of the petals red, and plan to put some red flowers and ribbons on it.  I am going to wear it to my church's Valentine Banquet.  Then I will wear it for Easter, and finally to the Kentucky Derby party my kids have.  After that, it will be delegated to one of the scarecrows for the summer.
I will post another picture once it is finished.

Last but not least, I had the oil changed on my car last week.

Is this the kind of reading material you get at your local repair shop?  Good thing I took my knitting.


Pat said...

OOOOO...that blanket looks SO nice!!! Show us your hat once you've finished changing it, okay? It's nice that you and your friend did your shopping together, too.

Gene Black said...

The blanket sounds snuggly delightful.

I want to see the finished hat too...preferably ON you. (((grin)))
LOL..no we don't get Dairy magazines here...but nothing much better, I always take something with me.

andsewon said...

Sorry you had to postpone your surgery. Time will fly as you stay so busy! Glad you feel better from the nasty cold.Yes I can see you in that hat! I take my kindle and some hand work if I have to wait anywhere these days!
Take care now.