Friday, January 20, 2012

First Aid Kit

I came down with a cold Wednesday night.  Hmmmm.  If I had been able to get to my appointments and to the surgery on Thursday, they would have sent me away.  All things in time.  I guess I was meant to wait another week.
Well, my nose was running so fast and furious, I had used up all my Kleenex, and the cupboards were pretty bare.  My neighbor brought over a rescue kit for me to hold me over until her husband could take her to the store later in the day.
It is day 5 of the big freeze.  I'm watching the news, and the snow is all melting in the Seattle area, causing alot of concern about flooding.  But here, so far, it is still 26 degrees.  Well, I guess that's an improvement over the 21 degrees an hour ago.
Life WILL return to normal soon.  I am so bored.   Good thing I have lots of sewing and knitting to do.
That is absolutely all I have to share with you, because I have been a prisoner.
Chin up.  I'll go out and get that quilt top sandwiched so I can get it quilted.


Barb said...

Hope you get better soon!

Gene Black said...

Yes, and I hope you got facial tissue with lotion. If not put lotion on your nose after blowing.

Pat said...

I can recall a few times that we were snowed in for days. At first, it was nice and cozy but then it became maddening!!! LOL I hope you feel better soon AND that you can get out of "jail" soon and go out someplace....just a change of scenery for awhile!