Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow *&^%(* Snow

I love a couple of days of snow.  The peace and beauty of it all is so wonderful.  But then, I don't HAVE to leave home for any reason since I am "retired".  However, my surgery was scheduled for this coming Thursday, and it required an appointment for some additional measurements on Monday.  I've had to cancel and will have the eye surgery rescheduled as soon as the weather returns to normal.  What a disappointment.  I have a friend who is a Bellingham cop, and he always reports on road conditions to us, and with my eyes making even a trip to Bellinghan stressfull, I was not about to add ice and snow to the equation. 

Monday, however, was a very fortuitous day for me.  Growing Washington, the organic farmer that leases 7 acres from me for growing vegetables, asked me if they could lease the barn for raising small livestock.  I was thrilled.  There is nothing sadder than an empty barn, and for some reason, the building tends to deteriorate without use.
GW plans to raise Range fed chickens for meat, laying chickens, turkeys, a high quality meat rabbit, possibly some goats, and a couple of cows.
I negotiated a fee based on their share of the water and electricity, along with some labor for maintining the farm.  At this point in my life, help on the farm is WAAAAAY more important to me than a few dollars that I will just spend on something I don't really need.
It will be so nice to see animals back there again, and the best part?  I won't be responsible for them!!!  There will be workers there every day of the week caring for the animals.  In addition, I get free turkeys, chickens and eggs.  Added to the broccoli, carrots and beets they raise here, I'm gonna be sitting pretty!

So, since I haven't been able to get out, I've been able to get some sewing done for my soon to be Grandson.  I saw the pattern for this a little over a week ago, and then purchased whatever fabric I needed.  I just have the border and backing left to do.  The pattern is called "Baby Babushka".  This has been so much fun, and if feels good to sew again.  I have many more items to make for the little bambino.  This has worked to put me in the mood.  I've only included one row in this picture.  When it is finished, I will post a complete picture.

It's only 14 degrees this morning, and I am thankful I don't have to go out and feed alpacas.  I am wishing I had a nice little wood burning stove, so once I am out and about again, I think that will become a priority for me to pursue.


Barb said...

that is so exciting to get animals back on the farm....good luck with the surgery, sorry it was delayed.

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

I agree - enough already with the snow. The quilt is darling!!!!

Enjoy the animals - I know how you love to have them around.

Gene Black said...

It is so good to hear that the barn will be used. I hate that you had to postpone the eye appointment though.

Pie Lady Pat said...

Your pics of snow are beautiful, but too bad it arrived at an inopportune time for you. Your barn will be happy! Good luck with the rescheduling.

Pat said...

Love the little babushka baby quilt and also that you are going to have animals back in the barn! I'm sorry about the eye surgery needing to be postponed. :(