Sunday, February 22, 2015

When Left Alone. . .

I had such a great day yesterday.  Terry was off fishing with a buddy, and I was at my own devices.  I spent most of the day in my studio, sewing.
Below you will see the first two coasters I made using old CDs and one inch wide strips of fabric.

Here's a picture of my studio.  It was almost neat and tidy at the point of this shot, but oh, Lordy, you should see it now!  I have so many projects in process.  I always have an Audio book to listen to as I work away.

We recently painted the bathroom, and I refinished the small set of drawers I keep in there.  I repainted it, and decoupaged pieces of fabric to the front of the drawers.  Then, I made my first Quilt As You Go projects.  I can't believe I did not know of this method before.  Well, I knew of it, but had never tried it.  It's so nice and easy for a quick project.  I made toppers for the toilet, the dresser, and yesterday I made one for the countertop that runs on top of both.  We have these hideous pinkish mauve countertops in both the bathroom and kitchen, but are not in a position to replace them just yet, so if I can cover them up, I feel better.

 In addition to thrift store shopping, I also love consignment stores.  I have been taking my clothes to one for quite some time and have lots of credit accumulated there.  They had a huge sale a few weeks ago and I bought these two Fossil bags.  I just couldn't choose!
 Oh, I forgot.  Yesterday I also moved a Red Twig Dogwood to a new location and planted the three Daylily bulbs that I bought at the Garden Show.  Now I have to figure out where to plant the Stargazer Lillies.  Yes, we have had some beautiful weather, but I don't want to dig up sod to make new beds just yet.  I have to move all of the blueberry bushes, but that will involve extending one of the beds a good two feet, which means two feet by 15 feet of sod.  NOT looking forward to that.  Maybe I will wait until after they produce and the sod is not so heavy with moisture.

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Gene Black said...

I am curious about which QAYG method you used. I have my go to method which is the only one I will use for a quilt of any size.

I did a bit of bathroom redecorating too. I took down the curtain and replaced it with some of my handwoven fabric. It is an amazing change. I love it.