Friday, February 20, 2015

The Tukwila Trailers

I have really been enjoying my time with the Tukwila Trailers.  This is a hiking group of senior women who go out every Monday, regardless of the weather. ( I still find it hard to admit I'm a "Senior")   We usually have a full van of 14, and we head off to a different destination.  In the winter, we stick to the lowlands, and to locations that have paved trails that are not too steep.  We don't need to get mired in mud or dealing with slippery hillsides.  We walk or hike for two hours, then we all go to lunch at a local restaurant.
The above photo was taken on our walk at Flaming Geyser State Park.

Some fishermen were enjoying a beautiful day for the last day of Steelhead fishing.

I am always intrigued with spider webs.
This is my friend, Lois.  She is 84 years old, and quite the go getter.
The following week we went to the Auburn Wild Game Park.  I don't know why it is called that.  I saw a couple of birds I'd never seen before, but no wild game.  Oh, well, it was lovely.  The trail ran along the White River which was running high and fast.
I'm also a nut for lichen.  I need to take my pruners with me on the next hike and see if I can find a nice branch.  The previous week, at Flaming Geyser, I found a big rock that I want to paint, and wound up carrying it quite a distance back to the van.  Dumb move.  I must remember not to do that again.
After our hike, we went to Hop Jacks Bar and Grill in Auburn.  I love that place.  We want to the one in Maple Valley a few weeks before, and I was able to find something I could eat on the menu.  With all the dietary restrictions I'm following, it is usually pretty hard.  So, this time I asked them if they had any gluten free options, and they brought me an entire menu!!!  Score!
This past Monday was Presidents Day, and the Community Center was closed, so we did not go hiking.  I really missed it.  Next Monday:  The Snoqualmie Trail.

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Gene Black said...

I am so glad you are being active and enjoying life. I hope I am like Lois and still going strong at 84.