Friday, August 23, 2013

A Knitter's Dream Come True

A couple of months ago, Terry and I were tooling down the East Valley Hwy, when he sees a sign that says "Yarn, Fiber, Classes".  He pulled a u-ey and took me back to check it out.  One step inside and I knew I had found my utopia.  The shop is called Maker's Mercantile and is owned by the daughter of the founder's of the Skacel company.  Hailing from Germany, Ingrid is the one who introduced the Addy Turbo knitting needles to the U.S., and all of the yarns stocked here are from Germany.  Sort of.  More details later.

I don't think this needs explaining, but it sure attracts your attention and makes you smile.

I think ANYONE could find that special button for that special sweater he/she has just finished.  I've never seen such an assortment.

They have a large classroom with lots of tables and chairs, and a couple of couchs to sink into if you just want to sit and knit.  Can you just imagine sitting in this funky couch and drinking coffee. . .

oh, yeah, coffee and pastries!  Riley's Bakery is right here inside the shop!  On Saturdays, they have a knitter's breakfast from 10 'til 2.
I told them that if I weren't a newlywed and wanting to spend every last minute with my DH that I would be living there.
Well, as it goes, they now have a room where they sell locally made yarns, and my yarns are for sale there!  I was very honored that the first two skeins were purchased by Ingred and her daughter who is the owner.
Once I get my act together, I will be teaching a class in dying.
They have also asked me to facilitate a spinning group!
Is this heaven?  Everything I have been trying to find, all in one place.
So, if you are ever in the Tukwila/Renton area, be sure to look up Maker's Merchantile.
BTW, they are slowly gearing up to add sewing and quilting supplies!!!!


Gene Black said...

Beautiful! When?if I get my loom and start weaving that would be an amazing place to shop for supplies. Sadly it is just to far away.
I may be contacting you about buying some of your yarn though.

Pat said...

LOVE that huge area of buttons! As you know, I'm not a knitter, so the yarn, while nice, just isn't for me. :(