Thursday, August 15, 2013

The faster I go, the behinder I get

I find that I still haven't touched on our wonderful vacation.  We were scheduled to go to Sunriver, Or. for a week, and were going to go on to Brookings to visit Terry's folks, but his Mom had a stroke, and we wanted to get down there to see what we could do to help out.  So, we went before Sunriver and spent several days there.  We prepared meals for them and froze them using the Foodsaver.  They were thrilled to have some home cooked food.  Terry's Mom, Maggi, is doing remarkably well, and we could see the improvements just in the short time we were there.
Above is a picture of a plant in Brookings that intriqued us.  Come to find out, it is a Century Plant.  It was right on the brink of blooming, and once that is done, it will die.  100 years before it shows it's beauty and then it's gone.  What a shame.

On the way to Sunriver, we decided to go down into California, through the Redwoods, and by Crater Lake.  I was unable to get a really clear picture due to the smoke from the wild fires nearby, but this is truly a place where you go to be awed.  Everyone is hushed in appreciation.  I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I assume it's much the same.

Terry and I went in to see Benham Falls, another place that takes your breath away.  I'm always happy after going there.  Below is a picture another couple took of us.

This is East Lake, which is in the Newberry Crater.  Terry is looking forward to going fishing here next year.

This post is very mixed up and out of sequence, but that's okay.  Above is a dinner we made, brined and roasted short ribs, fruit, and a salad made of veges from our garden.  Terry has worked as a chef at some very nice restaurants, and he is teaching me a lot.  Just the way to use a knife has made a huge difference.

This is a harvest from the garden one day.  The striped tomatoes are an Heirloom called Violet Jasper.  I wish they got bigger.  The bush is 6 feet tall, and I get this many every day.
The yellow ones are the sweetest, tastiest tomatoes I have ever eaten, but I don't know what kind they are!!!  I would plant many of them next year if I can figure this out.

This is the crafting table I put together in an attempt to organize myself and to fit all my "stuff" into the house.  We are still struggling with that issue, but there are so many other fun things to do, we haven't gotten too far.  This has been  a great addition.

The other day when I was in Downtown Seattle, I saw this store.  The windows are all lined with old sewing machines.  I was unable to get a good pic with the reflection of the light, but it is so cool.  Has anyone heard of a Jones sewing machine?  Next week, I will ask if I can take pictures from inside.

As I said, this is out of order, but I can't figure out how to delete these two pictures.  What has Google done to mess things up?  I'm having so much trouble figuring out these blogs anymore.
Sigh.  Well, that's it for now.


Pat said...

Didn't matter to me that the photos and narration were out of order. I enjoyed the post a lot anyway. :)

Melinda c said...

I love how happy you always look. I grew some kind of big striped heirloom that was amazing......I would tell you what the name was, but I bought it as a mystery tomato...I am telling you they were the best eating tomato's ever.......