Sunday, September 8, 2013

Three Sisters and other bits of trivia

This portion of our little garden is called Three Sisters.  I learned about it this past Spring at the Community Center Outdoor Festival.  You plant corn, beans and squash together.  They provide benefits for each other, such as stalks for the beans to climb, and moist shaded roots.  The corn looked really pathetic until a few weeks ago, and now we are getting enough beans for a dinner for 2-6 every day.  I think I planted pumpkins under it all.  We'll have to wait awhile longer until I can find something growing.
So come along, and I will show you the rest of the yard.  It won't be as amazing and unique as what I had at the farm, but I'm very proud of what we have achieved this first year.

I got this wonderful Tonka truck filled with sedums at the Burien Farmer's Market.  I love Farmer's Markets.  Great finds, and wonderful people to talk to.

Sedums in a large metal cup on an old silver plated coffee stand.

These are the blueberries.  I'm attempting to propogate them myself so we can have more and save the cost of buying them.  I used to propogate Hydrangeas, so I should do will with these.

My sunflowers. 
The heads are HUGE.  I wanted to create a screen between our yard and the neighbors.  It worked.  Now I have to think of what to do that is more permanent and has fullness year round.

This is the fig tree I bought this past
Spring.  It was just a little stick, so I'm quite pleased with it's progress.  Have you tried blue cheese with fig jelly, or honey on crackers?  To die for.  And, I make a fig sauce for pizzas.

I can't believe it's been over a week since I started this.  Time gets away from me.
The weather here continues to be unseasonable warm, and it only gets into the 60's at night.  The gardens, however, know that fall is coming, and it's cleanup time.  I'm excited about having the greenhouse so we can raise lettuce, spinach and carrots this winter.  We are waiting for cooler days to get in there to organize things.  Right now, it's so hot in there you can't bear it for more than a few minutes.
And, the darn tomatoes continue to ripen, so I need to tend to them today and make more puree to can. 

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andsewon said...

Linda you are blooming where you are planted for sure! Lovely garden!!You and your green thumb are amazing! Maybe build you a lattice panel in the sunflower spot and grow you a nice vine of some sort on it! Hang stuff off it too!
Keep having fun!