Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oh, my Aching feet!

 I have been working the past couple days at the Pike Place Market it downtown Seattle, selling bouquets of tulips.  I have worked two half days, and today I work a full 8 hours.  I hope I can still walk when I leave there tonight.  It's tough on the old feet, but so much fun.
 There is a constant swarm of folks buying the tulips, and on Valentines day, we will have 9 people working the stall and 5 tents full of flowers.  WOW.
The owner of this endeavor, Alm Hill Gardens, has run this stall for 40 years at the Market.  They are the same people who own Growing Washington, the organic growers who leased my land at the farm.
Ironic that I move to Seattle and go to work for friends from Nooksack!
The tulips will be sold until April, and then the produce comes on and I will work for them at various neighborhood markets.
 We've been lucky, with two days of beautiful sunshine.
 Last week, I taught my niece, Erin, how to quilt.  First, we went shopping.  That was such fun.  She had to get herself a sewing machine, too.  Then we went to lunch.
I was so proud of Erin.  She completed a nine patch made with charms, quilted it and made it into a pillow in just two hours.



Pat said...

Busy lady...but HAPPY busy!!! What fun. Your niece looks so proud as well she should be. :)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

That sounds like such fun - all those flowers.

We didn't get the sunshine they promised - we had very overcast skies and threats of rain - maybe sun today.

Jean(ie) said...

Yay Erin! Congrats on becoming a quilter. I warn you, it's addicting!

Have fun at PPM. My brother is in town, and he wants to visit there. Your beautiful scarf is traveling to TN. The recipient should get it today. I can't wait until she opens it. She's going to love it!

Gene Black said...

Ah, so you are now the Tulip Lady. I think that fits you well. I know you love meeting all the people. May I suggest getting some Merrell shoes? I have been wearing them for several years now and they make my feet feel so much better. I love their sports shoes for times when I am on my feet all day.

Barbara said...

Good job Erin!! Enjoy your sewing machine!!