Sunday, February 24, 2013

Discovering Ballard and Other Tales

We have had such a mild winter, and the days have been quite pleasant, perfect for getting out and exploring my new neighborhood.  My friend who lives across the hall from me in this "adult dormitory", met me at Miro Teas on Friday, and we had a great time.

I ordered a pot of Gingerine, which is, of all things, ginger and tangerine!  It was yummy, and enough for both of us to have two cups each.  The picture below is what happened when we added a bit of soy milk.
Still delicious.

This is the view from the corner table we sat at.  That is Ballard Avenue out there.  On Sundays, this street is blocked off for the Farmer's Market.  I'm not there today since I woke up with a nasty cold.  I know that is redundant.  Cold says it all.  Anyhow, I love to sit and watch all the activity outside.  I don't like going to restaurants or coffee shops alone, but I think I could enjoy this place by myself.  Their tea menu is a one inch thick three ring binder.  It will take me awhile to get through that.
Coffee just isn't cutting it for me lately.  Tea seems so much more. . . .civilized.
Meanwhile, I have been working on a needle felting project, a picture for my living room wall.  I seem to have a tree theme going on, so this will fit right in.
Now, yesterday I received a phone call from a producer of a Reality show, asking me to be at my friends' alpaca farm in Snohomish for the filming of a new Pilot.  I'm not sure about the details, I just know I high tailed it out there to help her out and to enjoy the fun.  I was part of a group of people who were supposedly attending an open house.  I was asked questions and voiced my opinions on things.  OMG me on camera~!  I'll let you know when I know more.


Jean(ie) said...

A reality show? Wow!

I like your felting project. That's one avenue I haven't hit yet -- felting.

Gene Black said...

Oh...hope you feel better soon.

I remember when I went off caffeine once, I thought I had the if you stopped it suddenly, that could be a contributor to feeling yucky.