Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is in the Air

It looks as if the time for cut flowers in the house is drawing to a close.  We waited so long for summer to arrive, while the rest of the U.S. was suffering from extreme heat.  We had about 5 weeks of warm weather, and now you can feel the crispness of the air.  My apples are all dropping off the trees before they ripen, all shriveled and dry.  And, today it was a bit breezy and I noticed the leaves everywhere.  Trouble is, they aren't turning color, they are just drying up and falling.  Strange year it's been, that's for sure.

Here is my bouquet in the living room, and the first picture is the one in the bathroom.  Since my house is small, the corner of the tub has become my favorite place to have flowers.
Then, this last one is in the bedroom.

Now I am going to pick a WHOLE bunch of Sweet Peas to infuse the house with their lovely odor. We are about the only ones around who still have sweet peas in such profusion.  If you don't cut them, they go to seed.
I was just informed by the Market Site Manager that I will be outside tomorrow and need to bring my canopy.  Sales are better out there, but it's so much more work.  Good thing "T" will be here this weekend to lend me a hand.

You know, I have totally lost my desire to quilt.  I was going through one HUGE box I have full of fabrics, and wondering why I had them?  I guess it has alot to do with how much work I have to do around here now, just maintaining the place.  Maybe when winter arrives, my thoughts will change.  But, I just might be selling off my stash.  Stay tuned!!!.


Barb said...

Your flowers are just beautiful...

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Fabulous flowers - I love them in the bathroom. And your vases are wonderful.

I'm still sleeping with the window open, but not for long, because I had to have three quilts last night to keep warm - with the window open.

It is ok to not quilt - there are times for everything and this is you time for other things. Enjoy your weekend! Good luck at the Farmer's Market. We might stop by.