Friday, September 23, 2011


Well, I have the bug.  I stopped in at my favorite LQS yesterday to look for fabric for the upcoming Little Monster.  The kids have chosen a monster motif for the baby.  There are no monster fabrics fout there, but I know they would like more subtle colors and patterns.  These fabrics are for Bloomers, aka diaper covers:

The batik on the right is just gorgeous, and is Cougar colors:  Crimson and grey, the colors of the Washington State Cougars.  My alma mater and the kids'.

Then, I stopped at my favorite Thrift Shop for the second time this week and found this:

Yes, the tag says .99 cents.  Wow.  Since my house is so small, I knew we would need something for the little one to nap in when he/she comes to visit Granny.    I will pad this and line it, and it will be better than a drawer or closet for nap time.

That's about all for today.  I have plans to make some green pepper jelly today, and to gather pears for drying.  The wind is blowing quite hard, and all of the ripe pears are falling to the ground.  I will have to gather them before they get too rotten.


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Oh fun - monsters!! And that basket is just too cute - can't wait to see what you do. See - the granny fun is starting already!

Pat said...

There used to be Cookie Monster fabric around...wonder if that is still available. It's sort of a monster!!! Love that basket and I'm sure you will fix it up really cute.

Barb said... the fabrics...and how clever of you with the basket! I look forward to seeing your quilt in progress.