Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time for a Rest

Phew.  Last day of the Market.  The atmosphere was very similar to that in school on the last day before summer vacation.  When they rang the bell signaling the start, everyone cheered.  Then, at 3 when they rang the bell for the end, it was more cheers, hugs, goodbyes.  What a great year it has been for me.  I have three months to restore my inventory, and back I will go.
Today I had the pleasure of being next to the girls from Hopewell Farms.  They were so much fun!  What a couple of characters.  We had a really good band playing all day, so we did alot of dancing behind our tables.  (I said behind, not on)  The dancing helped us stay warm since we were outside.  I much prefer being outdoors.

Hopewell Farms was offering everything at $1 a pound as customer appreciation day.  Above is $4 worth.

Here are two of our volunteers.  They work so hard.  See the hat on the right?  I simply MUST find a pattern for that.

This girl was visiting from Hong Kong, and had just bought the hat she is wearing.  She thought she needed a picture with me.  She might come out to the farm to visit us tomorrow, but we may have snow by then.  Who knows.

Now, notice the hat I am wearing?

And notice who is wearing it now?  Like I said, they buy them right off my head.

Another one finds her hat.

So, I've been busy dying rovings in my crock pots this week.  I received about 40 pounds two weeks ago, and I can hardly wait to start spinning it.

Here are some of the rovings I dyed after the fiber was washed and carded.

I had dyed this "in the wool", meaning before it was carded, this summer.  I sent all the assorted colors to the processor and this is how it turned out.  Gorgeous!

And here is how it is spinning up.

Tomorrow it is cookie day, baking and shipping.  What a change in direction.


Barb said...

Once again I need a breathing machine to keep up with you. amamzing

Happy Holidays!!!

Pat said...

I hope this week approaching Christmas is filled with FUN and happy times for you. Love the hats, but most of all, I love your smile and your enthusiasm. I sure do wish I lived close enough to visit your farm AND your booth at the market.

Gene Black said...

You amaze me with your seemingly constant activity.
I love the pictures of the hats going to new owners.

fabriquefantastique said...

I miss my market too....won't start up till June. Do you ever barter for food...I sometimes do.

John'aLee said...

I love your posts! You are so inspiring! And my oh sure do keep busy!
Those yarns are scrumptious and the hats adorable!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Looks like another great day at the market - I'm so glad this is fun and profitable for you. Enjoy the cookie baking - I think I'll start the gingerbread pigs today.

Pie Lady Pat said...

Well, unfortunately I don't live close enough to drop in for a real visit, but a virtual visit is most enjoyable indeed and afterward I go on my way feeling energized. Thank you for the charming posts.

Anonymous said...

Great hats, as always, and what fun to see them adopt new owners! My daughter taught me how to make felted beads from roving over the weekend. I love the colors in yours!

Lindabee said...

I just love reading your posts. You have more energy than I've ever had. Love the hats, and wish I lived closer. Merry Christmas.

Phoeb said...

Glad to see things are moving along. And I'm glad to see you're keeping some of the herd. Anytime you need anything, give me a yell.