Monday, December 6, 2010

Market Basket

The Market seems to monopolize my time these days.  Only two more Saturdays, then a break until April.  I'm looking forward to my "hiatus" to experiment with some more felting projects and catch up on my dying and spinning.

On Friday, I called the Market manager and asked her if I could be outside.  I feel that if people are cold, they are more inclined to buy something warm, right?  So, I had a beautiful location, with my tent set up right in front of the Pavilion.  Other vendors offered me heaters, or thought I was just plain nuts.  But I did really well, kept warm, and had a terrific time.
It amazes me that there are so many fresh vegetables still available, especially since we have had such cold weather.  In this picture is Hopewell Farms, who are right down the road from me.  Well, actually, just about all of the farmers are "just down the road" from me, in County terms.
That is something that took me awhile to get used to when I moved here.  If you don't live in Bellingham, you are "out in the County".  It's like the hinterlands, or the North Pole to the City Dwellers.
This is Rabbit Fields Farm.  I just love her display and her products, although if she was really Rabbit field, she would have nothing to show at the market!!  It's quite interesting to also note that most of the farmers are women!

This is our manager, Caprice.  I had to go through a strict inspection to be qualified as a farmer here at the market.  They inspected the farm in September, and I demonstrated all that I do with the fiber, and I have "qualified".  It seems everyone is more friendly and accepting of me now.  I know they had doubts that everything I was selling was actually from my alpacas, but I showed them.
Now, last, but certainly not least, since this is the master of the household, Leroy is modeling a cria coat that I had just repaired.  He thinks this is very nice and warm, and didn't want it removed.  Sorry, Leroy, Centennial still needs it.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - brave you being outdoors - glad it worked out for you.

That Leroy - he's such a ham.

Anonymous said...

I agree, very brave of you! Your display looks wonderful. Enjoy your hiatus!

Pat said...

Well...I don't know if you are brave or CRAZY, but...I can understand your logic in this. (I still think I'd have had a heater plugged in for my own comfort!!! LOL) Leroy does look comfy. Are you going to make him a coat, too?

andsewon said...

Oh goodness!! out in the cold!! No not for me could not do that! Glad it worked out for you though!
Leroy needs a jacket too...;-)
Our Cocoa Kitty is still all curled up in the quilt on our bed! they do love warmth!
We are sooo very cold here!

ooglebloops said...

Hmphf!! To think that you wouldn't qualify!!!! You'd pass any crafts/art jury with flying colors! They even come to your house???I guess that does attest to the high quality of the market.
Next on the agenda is making Leroy his own little coat!!!LOL

Pie Lady Pat said...

All the booths look wonderful and inviting. I just finished up with my last Christmas indoor arts and crafts fair.... great fun and successful, too. I tend to buy from my neighbor vendors, don't you? I came home with an ounce of roving and immediately ordered felting needles... no idea what I'm going to do/make, but have to give it a try. Will stay tuned for ideas from you.

Candace said...

Pretty display! So did being outside help? Love Leroy's new coat - I think he's hinting that he wants one, too! Is that a new couch I see in the background?

fabriquefantastique said...

Like you pics of the market...somewhat like the one i do (Brickworks) also do not mind being outside...its only 1/2 day