Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Remember the movie TREMORS with Kevin Bacon?  Those giant worms wreaked havoc on the countryside.  Worms in humans can also be devastating.  My friend thinks that I should share my experience so that others can learn from it.  Since my biggest challenge has been in getting good advice, this is a good idea.  The only help and support I have gotten is from the internet.  Thank goodness for GOOGLE.  This is a long story, so I will be writing it in parts.

Parasites in Humans

5 years ago I started getting sick.  Weird things happening that sent me to the ER on several occasions.  Severe pain under and around my ribs.  Difficulty breathing.
Total lack of energy.
No help from the doctors.
Meanwhile I developed high blood pressure, High cholesterol and low thyroid.  Seems like every time I turned around I was getting another medication.
And the anxiety and depression joined the crowd.  It's natural when you feel so terrible and don't know what is wrong.
In 2014, after another trip to the ER, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease which attacks your thyroid, preventing it from doing it's job.
At my Doctor's advice, I started working with a Naturopathic doctor who specializes in thyroid disease.  I had her stumped.  We could not come up with a treatment that helped me.
All this time, I was fighting edema in my legs and rib area.
In late 2015 I suddenly gained 40 pounds in the course of 6 weeks.  I googled "sudden wight gain".  One of the topics was "Are parasites making you fat?"  Obviously, I did not give this article enough attention.  I kept going to my doctor, a new one now since I was on Medicare and was able to get decent insurance through the ACA.  I'm really trying to keep this short, believe me.  I was tested for every disease or condition you can imagine.  My legs looked like tree trunks and I was suffering from a lot of pain in my hips and legs.  Finally, the internist I had been referred to told me to cut out the salt.
In June of 2016 I went to another Naturopathic doctor.  She did a ton of blood tests and the results showed numerous food sensitivities, candida, Immunity levels in the basement, Vit D and 
B12 deficiencies, and an inability to absorb nutrients.  She put me on a number of supplements and a diet avoiding the foods I was sensitive to.  I will not give you the entire list.  The big ones are dairy, eggs, beef, lamb and beans.
Three months later I developed diarrhea and had it for 6 weeks.  I finally got a referral to a Gastroenterologist.  I was due for a colonoscopy, so we decided to start there.  He did a biopsy and discovered I have lymphocytic colitis.  The drugs to treat this cost over $1000 a month, and they are steroids, so I opted out and decided to work with diet.
At this point, I decided to start working with a Licensed Nutritional Therapist, Suzie Bauer of The Tasty Remedy.
Also at this time I was drinking bone broth.  To treat the candida, I found a great recipe for healing broth that was very spicy.  A day after taking it for the first time, I found white worms coming out of my tongue.  OMG!!!!  This was terrible.  I picked up a parasite cleanse from my local vitamin shoppe and started a cleanse.  One night, I had worms come out of my neck, my chest and my feet.  The cleanse creates an environment that the worms do not like, and they were trying to get the hell out of there.  So begins the frustrating journey of trying to clean my body of these invaders. Everyone asks me where I could have gotten the worms from.  Well, 50% of Americans have them!  Most of the time, you do not show any symptoms.  But, as the worms multiply and the load grows, the symptoms appear.  I was also an alpaca breeder, which put me in contact with alpaca poop on a daily basis.  And,there was that trip to Peru.  I could just as well have gotten them from a grocery cart or door handle.
Here were my symptoms:
gas and bloating
pain in joints, muscles and bones
changes in my vision
brain fog
balance problems
weight gain. 
Inability to lose weight
Okay, so these could be symptoms of so many things, but remember, I had been tested.  

I am going to end this for today.  I'll be back tomorrow or the next day for Part II.


Tangos Treasures said...

Wow! Been a long time no see!! But holy wow on the worms!!! I've seen that movie was scary!! Prayers that they get out!!!

Gene Black said...

WOW! I had no idea that parasitic worms could do all that. I hope it is the answer to your problems. I was certainly glad to see those worms gone in Tremors!