Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Oy vey.
I was just reading that if you are elderly or have autoimmune issues, you probably shouldn't do a cleanse since it can make conditions worse.  Since I was so sick with them, I feel I made the best decision in doing a cleanse.  Since killing the worms, I am very toxic and I need to get those toxins out of my body.  Methods I have used:
Lymphatic massage,
reflexology massage
Infrared light wraps.
Daily epsom salt baths

Now it is time that I build up my system and repair the damage that has been done.
Last week, after having a reflexology massage, I was so sick and in so much pain.  It's hard work to expel the toxins.
Over the course of the last 6 months, I have had many, many massages.  I am finding that the massage therapists, for the most part, share my belief that the worms live in the soft tissue and only go to the stomach or intestines to feed.  I can tell you, or point out, every part of my body where I believe the worms were in residence.  Yes, I could feel them moving around.  Under my ribs, my left foot, my right thigh and hip. 
It could be a major cause of arthritis.
That brings up the point.  What kind of worm do I have?  I don't know.  I took in pictures, actual worms and many, many fecal samples for evaluation, but the lab always came back negative for human parasite.  From my research, this is very common.  And, the doctors will not medicate you unless they know exactly what worm you have.
So back to the detoxing.  I have developed skin issues, a result I assume of the toxins trying to leave the body through the pores.  Now I itch.  Rashes are common.  I don't see a rash but I sure have the itches.
Oh, and hair loss.  I put my order in for Keranique.  Hope to see results.
You would think that after getting rid of them, the symptoms would go away, but they linger on.  I want to emphasize this, since it has been a long haul for me.  I was hoping for a "cure" in 15 days.

Back to my nutritionist.  I came to Suzie with a suitcase of problems.  I was in the middle of my first cleanse, and I had just been diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis.  Suzie and I worked on nutrition, digestion, and the importance of healthy fats.
She then started me on the SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET.  I'm not going to explain that since you can research it.  This diet, in addition to taking daily CBD drops (cannabis) has enabled me to reverse my condition.  I will still carry Kaopectate in my car just in case, but have not had a need for about 3 months.
This is very scattered today.  I'm not in a great writing mood.  But here is the thing.  I see so many people at the grocery stores in their motorized carts.  The are mostly obese.  And I think to myself, Wow, do they realize they can cure themselves with the proper diet?  They must be in so much pain.  I know, because I have the pain, too.  I am doing my best to conquer this with diet.  That does not mean 1200 calories a day.  It means avoiding the foods I am sensitive to, avoiding most carbohydrates, using healthy fats and buying organic whenever I can.  Thank goodness for Costco.
As I said, this has been pretty scattered.  I may or may not have a part III.  Now or later.  Sometimes I get really tired of talking about and dealing with this.  If I think of anything else constructive, I will write again.
Oh.  My tongue.  Well, that is where the worms came out, right?  And when I do a cleanse, my tongue turns brown and is very swollen.  So my doctor thought maybe I had cancer of the tongue, and I had a biopsy done.  That was not explained to me at the time.  The Doc who did the biopsy felt we might be able to determine the type of worm.  No one said cancer until after the fact.  Of course it wasn't.  My tongue hurt so bad for two weeks.  Can you imagine?
So, the last advice I got from my Western Doctor was to get mental health counseling, because she, like so many, think I am nuts and it is all in my head.
But I have pictures!!!!

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