Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stuk in the Tuk

I had thought about starting a new blog, since my life has changed so drastically in recent years, but it was too much work.  So, I will keep Fiberfabrications with a sub title of Stuk in the Tuk.  Stuck in the Tuk is a phrase young people use to describe life in Tukwila.  And to be honest, that was how I initially felt when I moved in with Terry.  Tukwila?  Really?  But as time has gone by, and I have made friends and gotten involved with volunteer work, I realize this is my calling.  I was meant to be here.  At least for now.  Tukwila is a diverse and multi cultural community, with over 35 languages spoken in the grade schools alone.  What a sight to drive by the Community Center and see a soccer team of young girls all dressed in their black burkas.

Last month, Terry went on a tuna fishing trip out of Westport, and came home with 275 pounds!  Needless to say, we have been very busy since then, freezing and canning.  I am attempting to get 40 jars a day done, but we had a week of sidetrack when both our furnace and water heater broke.  The hot water is back, but we are still waiting for our new furnace, which should arrive tomorrow.  Fortunately, this has been a very mild year, and we are doing fine without heat for now.

We bought a boat last spring and have been so happy with that decision.  Besides fishing and crabbing and filling up the freezer with salmon and crab, we enjoy picnics on the boat while cruising around Mercer Island, admiring the multi million dollar homes.  The other 1%.  But, as Terry likes to say, they are all at work, and we are here, enjoying the beautiful day.

Here is my grandson, Cadel.  We were giving him a safety lesson before he gets to go out in the boat with us.  Our schedules just didn't jive this year, but he is ready to help Granny drive the boat next year.

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Cathy said...

Linda, it's so good to "see" you again. I have wondered about you often and have been hoping all is well. My daughter has moved to Seattle and we plan to visit next year in the spring. Enjoy the fish - it sounds so yummy! Write or blog soon!!