Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So this is Retirement?

Terry retired this past week, and we attended a small party in his honor on Monday evening.  It was nice to meet his co-workers and learn how much they admired him and were really sad about his leaving.
I have made sure that he doesn't get bored.
Here he is after assembling a big gazebo in the yard.  We have NO shade in this yard, and have been having an unusually hot spring.  I swear it went from 47 degrees to 84 overnight.  We don't like that here in the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, we put shorts and sandles on when it reaches 60, but 75 is the best.

We also bought this firepit for having outdoor weenie and smores roasts with friends.  I was pleased that Terry, a Husky fan, allowed this WSU Cougar pit in his yard.

The second day of retirement, we bought this truck.  We will be shopping for a camper in the future, and maybe we will come to visit you on our cross country forays!!!!
Here's another shot of the gazebo.  Terry is reading to me from the paper, which says yesterday was 87 degrees, making it the hottest big city along with Phoenix.  Thank goodness he installed the air conditioners last night.

Here is a shot of our little house.  It needs alot of work, and as you can see, I am busy digging up gardens and tearing out shrubs.

 I got this and three other boots at the Goodwill Outlet.  Is that a scream?  An Outlet for Goodwill?  You pay by the pound.  I got 4 unmatched boots for growing sedum in.  Me and my yard art.
So, things are going well here, and I'm busy as a bee and very happy.  I'm so glad I have gardens to work in again.


Pat said...

YAY!!! What fun...and I"m happy that YOU are happy! If you ever get near southern DE on a cross-country trip, I hope you stop to see us. In the meantime, I'd LOVE to be out there in your 87 degree weather....I'm jealous! LOL

Barbara Chace said...

Hi Linda....
So happy for you.

I'm sure you don't remember me but I visited your farm a couple of years ago with the Redmond Senior Center. I bought a big bag full of alpaca roving.

I also met my husband online and we were married in 1990 in Las Vegas.

Best of luck to you and Terry.

Barbara Chace