Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In an attempt to make leaving this place a little bit easier, I have been keeping a list of things I will not miss once I am gone.
First and foremost, the smell of the farmers spreading liquid cow manure on the fields.
Fir needles everywhere in the house and store.
Digging trenches around the cement slabs to prevent the store and garage from flooding.
The isolation and loneliness
Did I happen to mention Mold? And mold.
Speaking of mold, I was reading an article in FIRST magazine the other night about allergies to common mold. Now was that timely, or what? They recommmend a Symptom stopper of Butterbur Extract. Well, you'd better believe I marched into the local health food store and told them I was looking for Butter Butt. Ooops. Well, they got a good laugh. The bottle says it is for Neurological Support. That makes sense to me because my brain feels like it is going to explode. I sure hope this works. The second thing they recommend is to have an English Ivy in your home. The Ivy actually acts as a filter. I found a very nice Ivy topiary to put in my living room.
Getting up in the middle of the night to chase off coyotes. Since the alpacas are gone, I don't worry so much, but the gates are also gone, and the coyotes end up in my back yard. I'm so fierce wearing a barn jacket over . . .well, whatever, my muckboots, and my headlamp, carrying a pitchfork. Those darn coyotes are so smart, they have cleared out and are far gone as soon as I turn on the first light.
I am finding I need this list to make leaving easier. I am going to miss my dear friends and community so much, it is unspeakable. I cry alot.
But I am so happy and excited to be moving on and pursuing my new goals.
This blog is going to change quite a bit, and I plan to keep you all informed on my progress.


Gene Black said...

Ah....the list is a great idea. I know when I retire, I plan to move to Mexico. I will probably need a list like this also.

Phoeb said...

It took a visit back, a year after we left, to cement it in my mind that leaving was GOOD. I do miss friends (you know who you are), but not the weather, the cold, the smells, etc. Any time you want to talk.....

Jean(ie) said...

The list is a great idea. So long yucky stuff and hello to a new adventure!

Face it with the fierceness you faced those coyotes and you'll be fine.