Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Adventure Continues

I hooked up with my friends in Ellensburg, and this is what the sun looked like at about 11A.M.  It's a week later as I write this, and the fires are still burning.  The three separate fires have merged into one, which gives them a perimeter to work with, and they anticipate having it under control in another week.
I stayed with the In Laws of my friend Fabiola.  Karen and Doug are Llama breeders, and now that they are retired from their real jobs, they are raising beautiful orchard grass hay for sale.  Funny, as an alpaca breeder, I was so picky about my hay.  I would want to see the field it came from, walk through it and see if there were weeds and thistles.  The folks who are buying this hay do the same thing.  I swear to you, there is not a single weed in this field.  I wanted to buy it, just because!!!
So, anyhow, they have this adorable little cottage that I got to stay in.  I slept like the dead.  
Friday was Karen's Birthday, so Fabiola had made this Garden Cake for her.  It had alot of Bailey's Irish Cream in it.  The leaves on the carrots were tiny mint leaves.  The girl is so talented.

Karen and Doug have three St. Bernards.  Below is Max, enjoying one of his 30,000 naps of the day.  Doesn't he know how to relax?  One of the other dogs, Blue, shows he likes you by nipping you in the butt.  I'm proud to say I was nipped the first time I met him.  My goal each time I wanted to get in the house was to get past him without the nip, but he learned how to trip me!!  I thought for sure if I fell down, I would have three giant dogs standing on me slobbering drool all over me.  I didn't pack enough clothes to accommodate them, so I had to avoid the situation.  Otherwise, I would have been in heaven.

Karen has been very anxious for me to visit her so I could teach her my crock pot method of dying fiber.  She learned well, and below is the first cloud of dyed llama fiber we did.  We used three different colors to accomplish this.  Llama fiber is not nearly as dense as alpaca, so it fluffs and dries beautifully, creating a "cloud" of color.  
We were thrilled with the outcome.

Fabiola has a Peruvian dance troupe, TUSUYPERU, that needed a place to practice on 

Saturday morning.  Only three girls and one boy showed up, so as they were learning this dance, Karen and I stood in as boys.  I had seen this dance in Peru, and
Fabiola's mother had made me a national costume from this area, the mountains of Cuzco near Macchu Picchu.  I have the music, and dance around to it all the time at home, so I caught on to the routine rather quickly.  In a short hour, they had it down and were doing a run through in this video.    Well, Google wouldn't download that video, too long, I think, so I had to use this one.  You still get the energy.


Gene Black said...

How fun! The cake is just amazing. (wish I had a slice!)
The dance looks like so much fun I wanted to get up and join in.

Tangos Treasures said...

Great adventure you had!! Love the cake & dance video!!