Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Linda and Cynthia's Excellent Adventure

My friend Cynthia spends 10 days every year at the Yakima County Fair where she sets up a booth and paints children's faces.  Last week on Wednesday she was heading over, so I asked if I could hitch a ride as far as Ellensburg.  I've been wanting to visit Fabiola and her in laws since Spring, so this was the perfect opportunity.  We got started at about 4PM, with the car packed tight.
We arrived in Leavenworth on Hwy 2 around 7 and stopped at Micky D's for a quick bite and a potty stop. 
The young men there were kind enough to inform us that Bluett Pass was closed due to the forest fires.
OH, NO!!!!
It would be another 2 hours to take the alternate route.  We were tired.  Plan B was established.  We stopped to buy a bottle of wine and ask the clerk in the store where to stay.  He directed us to the sweetest little Motor Inn.

They don't make 'em like this anymore.  While we were checking in, Cynthia jokingly asked where the hot tub was and the clerk told us just across the parking lot.  Glory Be!

We got our room situated and enjoyed half of the wine.\

Let's take a closer look at that wine.  It was GOOD.

These old Motor Inns come with standard two bedrooms.  I remember staying in these when I was a child.  Here is the main room and Cynthia's bed.

My bedroom.  Not fancy, but so quiet and cozy.
So, we had not packed swim suits for the hot tub and had to improvise.  Since it was right on the road, we didn't think nude would be appropriate.

We sat in the tub until it closed at 9:30.
Back to the room to finish the wine and fall into our beds.

This is our place in the morning.  Flower boxes were everywhere, containing massive amounts of petunias.
We went in to the office to have breakfast, and the clerk advised us Bluett Pass was now open.

This is what we drove through all the way to Yakima.  It seemed like dusk.

And here you can see the scorched land.  There had been three separate fires and one of them came back through this way again that day, closing the pass once again.

Many people have commented on how sorry they are that our plans were disrupted, but we just laugh and call it synchronicity.  We had a blast.


Jean(ie) said...

Looks like y'all had fun! the wine name. I think I've had that before.

Might have to check that place out!

Tangos Treasures said...

Nice plan B!! Glad it worked out, the motel is adorable!!

Ellen in Oregon said...

Looks like your stay at the motor court was a blast from the past. It doesn't look like the decor has change a bit in the last 60 years. It was a good thing one of you thought to buy some wine (love the lable) because it looks like it may have been necessary to laugh so much about your accommodations. Sounds like a fun road trip for you two ladies.