Saturday, May 12, 2012


My husband was always proud of the fires I built, how hot and fast they burned.  When you have so much yard wast and cleanup, this is important.
So, yesterday I decided it was a perfect day to take care of that massive mound that has accumulated for the past three years.

Here is the view North to the Canadian mountains.
As you can see, the grass is all green, and the ground beneath the fire is actually mud.

I lost my muckboots in the muck on several occasions.

Unfortunately, that mud was not enough to contain the fire.  There is alot of dry grass hiding under the new, taller grass, and it soon caught fire.  It was spreading like crazy and heading for a HUGE pile of apple tree prunings.  Oh, my, if this continues, I'm going to have to call 911.  I just can't do that!

So, I ran to the next field where one of the guys from Growing Washington was plowing and asked him for help.  He could not speak more than three words of English, but he saved my life.  I was so scared, and working so fast and furious, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
We finally got everything under control.  I went to the house, poured cold water all over my head, and cried louder and longer than I have since my husband died.  I'm 62 years old!  What am I doing?  This has got to stop.
Once I regained my control, I recruited the fellow who cares for the chickens and rabbits to help me douse what was left of the fire with water and sand.  I would never have been able to sleep if I had any doubt about the fire taking off again in the night.

In the barn, we have 95 baby bunnies.
They are so cute.  I don't pay them too much attention, because they will be slaughtered and eaten.  No sense getting attached.

It's going to be another warm, sunny day, but I am going to take it easy.  I might even go to the Market to say hi to all my friends there.


Jean said...

Your mountain view is breathtaking!

Unknown said...

thank goodness you are OK. Miss you.

Phoeb said...

The "Unknown" is me, Phoeb.

Gene Black said...

Whew! A fire out of control can be scary. I would have thought the muddy conditions would have stopped it also. At least now I wont' make that mistake.
Giving thanks that you are okay.

Pie Lady Pat said...

I agree with Jean... your mountain view is out-of-this-world gorgeous! I love fires, too, but we've had burning bans all spring and I have all these piles of winter debris just waiting... your experience tells me to wait a little longer. Glad it turned out okay.

Pat said...

You know what they say...."All's well that ends well" have such a gorgeous view up there!

Royce said...

Wow that must have been really scary, so glad there was someone near to help you out. You were being looked after that is for sure.
Your view is just gorgeous.