Monday, November 6, 2017


This is Flower, a rescue dog belonging to my oldest and bestest friend, Kris.
She got Flower at the Shelton City Dog Shelter, where she had to enter her name in a drawing to get her.  Kris visited Flower every day, and by the time of the drawing, it seems they were destined to be together.
To me, Flower seemed to be the perfect dog for Kris.  Please forgive me, Kris, but she even resembled you in some ways.  You know they say that people get dogs that look like them.
This picture was taken on a day that Flower was running around and around a big fir tree in order to get that dang squirrel.  She appeared at the front door looking like a Thanksgiving Day centerpiece, all decked out with fir branches and cones.

Flower's special gift was the ability to detect breast cancer.  Kris has a friend that Flower had gotten very personal with.  Every time she saw her, she would nuzzle both of her boobs.  Turns out this friend had cancer in both breasts.
Several years later, she started nuzzling Kris' left breast.  Kris remembered what had happened when Flower did that to her friend, so she made a doctor's appointment.  Sure enough, Kris had a small tumor.  After surgery, radiation, acupuncture and all the other things they recommend for those healing, Kris is in great health with a very small percentage for it re-occurring.
Thanks to Flower.
Sadly, Flower died shortly after Kris's surgery.
I always loved that dog, but especially because she was instrumental in saving my friends' life.

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